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Vicky, the Dreamer and Whirlwind trigger



Did we play this correctly;

Vicky activates and is in melee range of the Dreamer and a DayDream. Her first strike kills the Daydream and triggers Whirlwind. The Daydream, before being removed from the board, gets to place a buried nightmare in base contact. I then unbury LCB and bury the Dreamer so Vicky doesnt attack him at some point (with more Whirlwind.)

My question was this; if the Vicky was not in range of the Dreamer, and her trigger kills a Daydream, does the trigger not take place because there was no remaining model to attack - or is the timing of the Daydream killed/unburing a nightmare such that the trigger waits for a new model to be placed and for her to attack that with the trigger?

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