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My Kirai crew


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Cheers guys, its a crew that I have been putting off for a little as I wanted to do them justice, and I found I actually really like painting robes so I think I'm on a winner!

Looks great so far!

What's next?

Firstly finish this model and then I am actually leaving this crew for a week or so (if I can resist the temptation) to complete 2 commisions, a McMourning crew and an Amazon Bloodbowl team. Then I'm back to these guys.

Osoi I've been looking forward to this.....and you didn't disappoint :D. Ilove the freehand on the sash and fan.

The freehand was my first in a long time so I am glad I didnt cock it up, I'll be trying to use the cherry blossom motif throughout the crew.

Everyone is going to be getting different mixes of the colours used here maybe with a little dusky purple added in somewhere. What do I do for their bases? I was thinking a bit more natural.

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Thanks guys, with this kind of response I may have to finish this crew first before I move onto other projects. :)

I will trying to use this piece of art by Jeffrey Thomas as inspiration for Kirai and the Ikiryo maybe even Datsu Ba to get some of the purples in there


As for the Seishin they are going to be just like the dragon in the artwork but I may switch a few of the colours around to make them more easily identifiable.

The Gaki and Shikome I am little stuck at the moment as to what colours to paint them (maybe bone robes for the Gaki?)

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