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Neverborn minion: Sisters Champion, how to cost?


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Hey all, came up with something funny and wanted to ask what you think of it, and what should be an appropiate cost, I was thinking 9,10 Stones for now?

Sometimes Pandora, Lilith and Zoraida need to work together far closer then each of them is comfortable with, mostly when the Tyrant entities are involved. At such times they might create a Sisters Champion out of a human being, which they bind to their will and each imbue him with a part of their power. This Sisters Champion will be a rallying point in the battle regardless of whom it accompanies, and a point by which regardless who leads the current skirmish is ensured that every one of the sisters get their parts. On it's own side being the Sisters Champion has good sides of it's own, under which falls the guaranteed safety of it's family, and the knowledge how even the most insignificant pawn in the game can turn the events lang to come in the great plan.

Sisters Champion: Woe, Nephilim, Soulless

Wk/Ch Ht Wp Ca Df Wd

3/6 2 6 6:masks 4 8



Hatred of Tyrants: Sisters Champion can never be hired by the Dreamer or Hamelin the Plagued. Furthermore does the Sisters Champion get a :+fate on Wp duels if affected by Pandora, a :+fate on Df if affected by Lilith and a :+fate on Ca if affected by Zoraida

An even share: During the Draw phase of every turn choose one of the following Masters except the one which is currently leading the force: Pandora, Zoraida or Lilith (in a brawl which features two of those the Sisters Champion will automatically

assume the third form) and will receive the respective talent, action, trigger and spell as staded in The Power In Command

The Power In Command

Pandora: Expose Fears

Lilith: Unearthly Strenght: bash becomes Rg 2" Cb 6:masks Dg 2/4/6

Zoraida: Proper Manners


The Power in Command

Pandora: (1) The Greater Plan:

Choose one model within 10", it loses the Insignificant trait if it had this. This action can be taken once per turn.

Lilith: (+1)Melee Expert

Zoraida:(+1) Casting Expert

(0) Calm Down: :aura 5

Models within Aura are immune to obey and obedience

(1) On Your Feet: target model within 3" makes a Healing flip


The Power In Command

Pandora Ca(:masks:crows) Dismay

Model affected by spell must discard 2 Control Cards or fall back

Lilith Cb(:masks:masks) Flay

Zoraida: Ca(:masks:masks) Superior Hex Cast Hex again on the same target


The Powers In Command

Pandora: Project Emotion: Pity

Lilith: Transposition

Zoraida: Hex

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I really like the idea, good work thinking it up.

Honestly, I would only field this model for 5 of less soul stones. It has no niche. It would be slightly cool to use, but not 9 or 10 ss cool. There does not seem to be a lot of synergy from having one masters "power in command" that helps the other two, hope that makes sense.

A few suggestions; add some trademark abilities like black blood, martyr, link, and something that makes it cool for zorida (I have never played her). Secondly think of something neat and completley unique which only this model and coud do and fits its fill in flavor. Thirdly consider giving allowing it to cast any one of the 3 spells, but only once per turn (kinda like magical extension, except instead of any spell from one master, 1 spell from 3 different masters.)

Read the first line again and keep thinking it, I am sure you can create something that lives up to the models flavor.

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