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Issues with the Forum (Error 403)

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Often, the forum (and the entire Wyrd website) gives me an Error 403. Sometimes I also get a "forbidden" (I think thats 403), and SOMETIMES although far less so, the main website ends up looking like an admin control panel for a website server or something. I forgot the name of the company though.

So what I usually do is I spam reconnect until I get an IP that can access your website.

Can you please look into this?


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I don't quite get "403: Forbidden" error, but once in a while I get another one (forgot the name.. "BAD -something-"). Clearing the cache for Wyrd-games.net helps for me when I get it, so maybe you could try that out first. :) Otherwise it's probably something with your connection yeah..

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If you are doing it from work it may be an internet blocker. Some companies have a tool that will block certain keywords and now they can detect types of sites, like forums. Since it most of the time it could be their are blocking forums, and have a bad setup. Most of these tools use multiple servers and one may be letting you threw.

These tools also have a way of bypassing the block, but you need a username and password to get threw which could be the admin control panel you mentioned.

there is not a lot of info to go off off, but I hope that explains it.

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I get the exact same error when i try to connect from home.


Its not my router blocking the site though, it seems to be the site blocking my connection.

If I try to load any of the wyrd pages I get a "403 Forbidden page", and if I go to the wyrd-games.net landing page I get wyrd games hosts admin control page saying there is an error with the wyrd games site or its under maintenance. 


Its become annoying as I can't check the forums from home now.


Anyone have any suggestions? 

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I get it occasionally on my mobile wifi, you get the apache main page, like it hasn't got the domain setup on it


Yeah that's exactly what I get if you try the wyrd-games.net index page. Any other pages within the website come up as "403 Forbidden".


Seems that most of the problems in South Africa come from if you are on an MWEB isp connection. 

Does Wyrd have isp restrictions set on their webpage?

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