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Did you get any extra clamshells of Seishin? If not I'd recommend immediately buying at least one, but if you can afford it get two. If your regular opponents will let you proxy that will work too. I'd then steer you to the Kirai Tactica thread in the Resser forums. Ratty has also has some good advice for her.

In general here are my suggestions:

1: Always keep 1-2 Seishin in B2B with Kirai at all times.

2: Use your other Seishin to scout out into the board. Keep them hidden in and behind terrain and use them as Jump points for Kirai's into the Spirit World.

3: Do your best to out activate your opponent before you use your important models early in the game. Dropping a summoned Ikiryo right next to your target when they can't do anything about it this round is priceless.

4: Try to keep Kirai safe from attack, but within 8" of your targeted kills if your target is living, undead, or spirit so you can replenish your Sacrificed Seishin.

Good luck and welcome to Kirai!

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