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Pretty in Pink - WIP


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So for a change I decided I'd put my work up as I go. I have 2 weeks before I leave Korea, and I want to finish my girls before I go. These are being painted primarily for my step daughter, who has been interested in my painting recently though less than ethusiastic when it comes to the subject of the models. She wanted something pretty, so I ordered the girls.

First up Collette herself. The hair colour was my daughter's suggestion. I quite like it and I would not have chosen purple if she didn't suggest it.


The girls




and the assistant - (name escapes me momentarily)


Gotta do some final touchups, around the face especially, and their bases are incomplete. NExt up will be the dolls, I'm thinking I will make them primarily blue, rather than pink. I'll see how it looks today.

Thanks for looking!

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Thing is the one that is standing on one foot barely balances. I think I should just bite the bullet and buy another set and glue these ones!

Decided I'd redo the blue on my marionettes, made it a lighter shade on two and left the darker shade on one. Much prefer it now. But have to go back and redo the pink ribbons now...

Picks tomorrow!

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