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Does Nekima's Regeneration stack?


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I don't believe aura's effect the model producing them unless it specifically states it in the rule. So no would be my answer. (if im correct)

Edit: Checked little rulebook - i'm right woohoo!

Not sure about Lelu since i don't have the rising powers book.

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It's all on Page 20 of the Rules Manual.

Auras and Pulses do not affect the model emanating them. Other types of effects originating from a model may affect it, but in this case we deal with an Aura, so the situation is clear.

As for stacking, I believe the effects with the identical name do not stack, unless they are listed with + or -, in which case they modify the value of the ability. Also I think the higher value will take precedence.

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Taken from the Lilith tactica -

    • This does not stack with Nekima’s Nephilim Princess, it overrides it. Only the strongest application of Regeneration will affect a model, just like Poison.

Also covered on page 20 of the rulebook under 'stacking abilities'

Both abilities grant regeneration # so they do not stack and he would have regeneration 2

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