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Puppet avatars...who?

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Ok, so it seems that Eric has been going mad lately, bestowing the glory of a puppet avatar on several of us...

I was just wondering who has what, as I would love to see these puppets in all their glory...

So if you have been puppeted, or know someone who has post it here.then i can get to look at all the art. (yes, its a lazy way of getting what i want, but I haven't the time to search everywhere!!)

Maybe we will get a comprehensive list at the end of it!?

CURRENT COUNT (28.10.11) : 117

So, I appear to be a 'steampunk Arachnid'

Over to you....

So we have: (and much Kudos to Ravager who had the brains to do what I should have done and put these in alphabetical order! So here they are...)

If you want to view them, simply click on the 'community' link on the left (under user cp) and click on 'Members List'. then its just a case of selecting the letter of the user whose avatar you want to see, and then scrolling through...hopefully hey presto!

Abuela Ortega - Ghostwalker

arcanist Gunsmith - chainsawhand

Alp - rainborg

Ashes & Dust - Benth3bear

Baby Kade - rudders/shadowopal

Bad JuJu - Xango

Bete Noir - Talishko

C Hoffmann - Bleyrs Bariman

Cassandra - Chanst

Colette DuBois - Asyouwish78

Collodi - Totalywyrd

Coppelius - Lord Shaper

Coryphee - Cmac

Crooked Man - JMGraham

Datsue-ba - AWOL

Dead Rider - alienated one

Death Marshal - Johnni (and via hijack... Akujie)

Desolation Engine - mistercactus

Desperate Merc - Hoarcats Pride

Doppelganger - Mergoth

Dreamer/LCB - KArn987 (and via Hijack .... Abyss)

Drill Sergeant - Aka Hazard

Executioner - was Jonas Albrecht..now available!!

Francisco Ortega - Ciaran

Francois LaCroix - Zodgrim

Freikorps Librarian - Drifter

Freikorps Specialist - Katcher

Freikorpsmann - Nightseer

Freikorps Trapper - Foerender

Governor's Proxy - Nerdelemental

Gremlin 1 - Omenbringer

Gremlin 3 - Prunesquallor

Gremlin 2 - Regnak

Gremlin 4 - schristofersen

Gremlin Taxidermist - Huoshini

Guild Guard Captain - Bigasb

Guild Hound - Dark Alleycat

Hanged 1 - Godspeed

Hans - Dorian

Hoarcat - Dire Hoarcat smuggler

Hooded Rider - Jack The Ripper

Hunter - Clousseau

Ice Golem - warmasterOJB

Insidious Madness - zachio

Jack Daw - Keltheos

Joss - Maverickman5

Judge - Nilus

Kaeris - GTfriday13

Killjoy - hatchethead

Kirai - veskit

Lady Justice - Theonewhofell

Large Steampunk Arachnid - lobostele (no, you're not my father!

Lawyer - Hookers

Leveticus - Elazar

Lilith - Iamwyrd

Lilitu – elril

Lucius - Nix

Malifaux Cherub - tom ep

Malifaux Rat - Used to be ratty...

Mannequin - Tuesday

Marcus - Rathnard

Mature Nephilim - Aarkon

Mechanical Attendant - Da Big Baws

Mechanical Dove - Silver Chocobo

Misaki - Sholto

Moleman - bellygrub

Molly - Sezar

Nekima - xxxhayzelxxx

Nephilim - Azurefade

Nix - Mentor

Nurse - rajcze

Onryu (?) - Antizombie/Qi'gel

Ophelia Lacroix - Aaroon42

Papa loco - Brandu

Peacekeeper - themurphyfella

Perdita Ortega - dgraz

Performer #2 - Lonely Path

Pigapult – manicmac

Primordial Magic - Utterkhaos

Punk Zombie – Inari82

Purifying Flame - Magnustheix

Rami Lacroix - Dumb luck

Ramos - JoeB

raphael Lacroix - Jay Barlecamp

rasputina - Mach 5

Rat Catcher - Magic pockets

Razorspine Rattler - Yazza

Rogue Necromancy - Tumling

Ronin - Ironchief

Rotton Belles - Fetid Strumpet

Rusty Alyce - crimsonwraith

Ryle - Stern

Sabretooth Cerberus - Uk Rocky

Scales of Justice - Munkeykungfu

Seamus - Osoi (and via Hijack..... KArma, Monticus)

Sebastian - Zee

Seishin - Catslaughing

Silent One - Owen ojo de lobo (via Hijack son-of-lilith)

Slate Ridge Mauler - thepandadirector

Snowstorm - tograth

So'mer Teeth - tiny

Sonnia Criid - Madarcanist

Sorrows - Scribe

Soulstone Miner - zero

Steamborg Executioner - Goblyn13

Steampunk Arachnid - Absolution Black

Stolen - brucemanning

Taelor - CAseyJ/Headcase2

Teddy - Weird Sketch

Viktoria (Bounty Hunter) - kaine

Viktoria (Sword Mistress) - Ehlihuht

Von Schill - The Butcher

Watcher - Ironskies

Wendigo - Sephiroa

Wicked Doll - Cassarus

Young Lacroix - lalochezia

Zoraida - Yetischool ( and by hijacking, Yslaire)

And special kudos to Fulgrima for achieving this!

Bacon Upgrade - Fulgrima

Edited by Absolution Black
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Ok, so it seems that Eric has been going mad lately

So if you have been puppeted, or know someone who has post it here.

This sounds like a police public statement. That Eric is a menance I tell you :D

Well I'm a Daydream... well because I'm dreamy.. or maybe just an airhead =]

I know three members of the LaCroix family have joined us, Ooo and the Desolate Engine is awesome.

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Another Victim of Erics... you really shouldn't go wandering around in dark places after you post in this section >.>

Dark places are fine, I just need to learn to stop taking candy from the strange men that live there. One bite of tasty candy and the next thing I know a few hours have past and I am a faceless quasi-undead sword-gun wielding lawman. :)

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I too now feel the need to expand beyond the Guild and pick up this crew. It really is a heck of a clever marketing ploy (regardless of the fact that I asked for her...:P:)

Mind control over the internet is an outstanding marketing ploy. You don't even know they put the idea there...

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