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Ok, it has been a while since I've posted here but i've been very busy indeed!

As a small-time purveyor of games, i'm trying to concentrate on one system at a time to drum up interest locally by going to games clubs and running intros for those who have so far only had any experience with Games Workshop's offerings.

Currently i'm concentrating on Infinity, which is proving hugely popular, so next up is Malifaux! (I'm doing it one at a time so I don't seem like i'm shamelessly flogging stuff; i am passionate about all the games I sell).

So, I was thinking about the best way to run an intro game.

I have the Rasputina crew in a fair stage of painting that i'd like to use for intros, plus I just like the faction in general :P

To fight them I was thinking of the Ortegas, since they give a good impression of the weird-western style of Malifaux.

Are these two a good matchup for intro games, or would another faction be easier to work with?

So far in my shop, www.shaekonnitgames.co.uk, I have the basics for Malifaux, but if it really picks up i'll get in more! Plus, i could easily take requests for stuff every time i make an order to my suppliers, so while it's not exactly the hottest item at the moment, like Tesco, every little helps...

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