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Stitched togethers abduction + the dreamer

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Hi all,

Question, can stitched together use abduction on the dreamer? And if you can, LCB comes out, activates walks around and does what he does best, what then happens you you trigger all done? He changes back into the dreamer, who then activates immediately? Presumably in the start of the following activation abduction doesn't trigger because the dreamer isn't burried?

Can we take it a step futher :) ?

Stitched buries dreamer with abduction,

LCB walk around kills something and triggers all done,

Dreamer flies off and unburies LCB.

Would the dreamer still get placed as per abduction in the start of the activation phase? Or would the abduction ability "fallen off" ages ago as the dreamer has been unburied and reburied elsewhere?

Many thanks,


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Correct. Whenever one comes into play, the other one is buried. Doesn't work in reverse though, unless the ability specifically says so (as with Calm Nightmares from the Daydream).

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