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Death Marshal

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The only other model complete is Lady J, though I don't have a final shot of her yet – there is an almost finished shot in my Wyrd gallery.

I did a bit of a description of the overcoat painting for this guy on my blog (link in signature) but in a nutshell:

GW paints/washes.

Basecoat of Beastial Brown and heavy Devlan Mud wash – wasn't happy with result so used a very thin B Brown coat then continually added more Bleached Bone to the mix per layer of paint.

The box started with Beastial Brown/Snakebite Leather mix again with Bleached Bone added to the mix each pass.

The paint was kept very thin and that helped with the graduations.

Hope that helps!

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I hear what you're saying about the Death Marshals. As much as I love all three models I need to paint something else between each one to keep my momentum going. I'm on my second Death Marshal now and then get to paint the Executioner before I get to the third one!

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