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Yet Another New Player


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Hi All,

Just thought I would say hi as a new player looking for that awesome commodity that is advice.

My gaming group has just started Malifaux and I was hooked after the first game where we have played through to start learning the rules. I've picked up the Death Marshalls box set, largely because I love the Dark Tower and Westerns, and the models look cool. I also added to this an Austringer, Executioner and the Scale of Justice.

So my question is, will those things work well together, or have I just given myself some awesome models to paint that I won't really use?

Thanks in advance!

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No, actually those are all spot on purchases, I would say for the most part my top three to add to the boxset. That was my first box set and executioner and Austringer were my first clams. They were great and added a lot to my crew selection.

I have found that the addition of the scales is probably one of the best because most beginner games start at 25 and totem bring box set to exactly 25 with Lady j having full ss pool.

Welcome to malifaux!

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That's great to hear! I'm not sure what the value was of the beginning game we played, but the more I read about the game the more interested I am.

We were just playing on an empty field in a kill everything type game, as we've found that's the best way of learning rules, but I'm looking forward to adding terrain and the scenarios in.

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