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Abilities and spells duration question (specifically the dreamer)


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Hi all!

New player to Malifaux here, I hope I've put this on the right forum.

My gaming group are getting into malifaux, havent got a game under my belt yet, I'm still painting things up, but I've read the rules loads, and I can't find the answer to this. If a spell or ability doesnt state a duration (for example The Dreamers Inflict Dreams or Rapid Eye Movement) how long does it last? Just that turn? Or the rest of the game? The later seems over powered!

Can someone enlighten me?

Many thanks,


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As Lalo says, it lasts until the end closing phase (resolve effects step iirc). Don't forget though (as you're playing Dreamer) if you bury a model with an effect on it (such as Stitched Together's Cloud of Fog or Madnesses Insanity that the model is not considered part of the game during the closing phase so the effect is not removed - a very potent trick for Dreamer/LCB crews ;)

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