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Old metal 40k wanted-Vostroyans and Sisters


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I'm in the market for sisters of battle and vostroyans- undamaged but painted is fine.

Am willing to pay cash, and can trade:

Lord Chompy bits

3 day dreams

hooded rider

Seamus boxed set + copycat

Viktoria Crew- 3 ronin, Viks and Taelor avaliable

Von schill boxed set plus extra librarian


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If you're still interested I have:

old sister canoness with Bolter /flamer combi weapon (undercoated white still in seperate pieces: main body, right hand with relic(?) and backpack)

imperial missionary Jacobus (bare metal in seperate pieces: main body, right arm, backpack)

5 Sister Seraphim (2 painted the rest in the beginning stages, 4 models have seperate backpacks, one has backpack glued on)

all are glued to round bases.

They are all from the first time the sisters of battle appeared to give some indication to which edition they belong (never played 40K so no clue)

I can make pictures if you want more info.

I'm interested in the Von Schill boxset and I'm from the Netherlands

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