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Ideas for table using scenery items I already have.


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I want to make a Malifaux 3x3 table using items I have that are in my stockpile to save cash.

I'm happy to invest in a few bits n pieces but I have random stuff so I'm struggling to come up with a theme for the table.

I've got:

A board covered in a citadel battlemat

A citadel modular gaming hill

A Dreadstone Blight

A Citadel Wood

lots of resin ruined pillars/columns

A few Saxon/thatched style buildings and a lookout tower from Grand Manner

None of it really ties together, well the citadel stuff does and is pretty generic. I like the Saxon buildings to paint up, but they aren't really malifaux style or are they?

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You could do an 'edge of the forest' style village, with the saxon buildings. Some piles of logs to show they're woodsman, surrounded by a creepy forest (The citadel trees are great for this, just get a few extras).

You could even have the ruined pillars/columns as a ruined shriney temple thing in the woods (like amon sul, but not...).

So have one side of the board as a village, with the woods on the other, with a gap in the middle. Make some nice wee movable bits like log piles, maybe a well etc. And then have a clearing in the woods with a ruined shrine?

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