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Lady J VS Seamus


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The encounter is 20 SS

But I already have some more models to play with (the other one w/ seamus is a noobie, and he only buyed the starter box yet)

I'm thinking of taking this list:

Lady J.

Judge 7

Goveners Proxy 2


Death Marshal 4

=> Total of 4 Cache

What I have left to switch is:

-2 more death marshals


- and maybe if they arrive before the encounter: Nino and Santiago

Give me some tips

and thank you in advance



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Take out the proxy, switch to another death marshal and take 2 SS, honestly the proxy isn't that useful and one bad morale spells the end of a model. And in all reality the proxy is only good against a lot of non-morale Wp duels (like Pandora). The marshels are good cause you can box judge and cutioner and let him lure the 4 of them to his ranks and beat face in, or box justice to keep her safe til she is close enough to cause damage. And plus you already have the advantage against undead so the proxy is just overkill. The free move is nice in terms of the crew your playing

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