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Nico casting through vultures

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I know that nicodem can draw line of sight through vultures when he is casting spells. I just want to get a grasp on the limits to this ability. Can he only do this with spells like rigor mortis and decay, or could he use this trick for spells such as reanimator or bolster undead. Also could he use this for an ability like arise, or is it limited to only spells (don't have the cards handy to check).

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Looking at the V2 card linked just to the right of this post to check.m

After the Vulture has activated eyes and ears Nico can draw line of sight and range from the vulture. It is only for spell casting. So no bolster undead or arise.

Otherwise all ranges can be from the Vulture. I am not sure on reanimator but I guess it could be cast through eyes and ears, but it has range C. Don't know if that means that you then summon within 6 inchs of the Vulture or Nico.

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