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hello all,

i am new the forums been lurking little over half a year and finally have some stuff to contribute.

i was always on the fence about malifaux cause of the miniatures none of them ever really grabbed me, well that was until the show girls came out, and omg were they beautiful models! so i picked them up and painted them up, and i have just now finished them ><. they have been mostly done since they came out but i burnt myself out by the time i got the coryphee, and have just recently gotten the energy to finish them




i am fairly happy with how they turned out, i made some doves from greenstuff before the new ones came out, and i think i might just stick with them as they are similar size.

all of the bases are greenstuff, and Colette's and Cassandra's are made out of plastic card.

so with those done i moved on to my next favorite models, some of the zombies wyrd does are really quite nice, my favorite being the zombie punks, and the necro punks. so i started me a Nicodem crew. i think i am the only one who plays him in my area, so any tips for him would be appreciated. with these guys i want a much darker paint job.




and groupshot


and mortimer still wip but what a fun face :9


well that is a long post ><, comments and crits appreciated :).

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noted it was over cast today and when the sun was out it was blaring so i will try and get some better shots tomorrow and replace them.

I am in Mass, i have a pretty decent group of people to play with sorry if that was miss leading. small tourny coming up may 1rst at Off the Wall games in hadley mass if anyone is interested.

thanks for the kind words all.

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ok so finally got some pictures sorry for the wait, i really need a light box :(. if anyone knows where to get one cheap or a good tutorial let me know.

so the sun was over cast in just the right way today, and these are some of my best pics of models so far, cept for my fingers guest starring ><. i tried with a white background they came out much darker. o well.











mk so there we have it

thanks all so much for the comments and welcomes, seems like a great community to be apart of :).

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Amazing job on the showgirls...Your base work is absolutely jaw dropping!

As for a cheap and easy light box. I used some pieces of white (though black will also work) foamcore. You just build a rectangular cube with an open bottom and front. Place model in and direct your lights to the sides and top of the box. I would also recommend you include at least a Daylight bulb and a soft warm incandecent (this will help balance your colors).

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Oh they definately sell those bulbs for normal lights.

Are you in the US? If so Lowes and Home Depot (DIY shops) both sell them (though you will have to sort thru their isle of light bulbs to find them). If they are not clearly labeled then you can look on the bulb itself and usually find the temp rating; 2700-3300k equals soft whites (slight yellowish/brownish hue) while 5500-6500k equals daylight/ full spectrum (blueish hue). Using both together shows your paints much better.

I use three in my current setup (painting and photography along with one Soft White bulb) and most certainly did not pay $100.00 for each. I think they were around $5.00 a piece (though they last a really long time.

If you cant find them at a DUY Shop then try either an aquarium or reptile supply shop. Both of those will have them (though they may cost more).

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thanks for the tips on the light bulbs i picked some up and they make a huge difference :).

so been busy with 40k stuff for awhile, and mordheim is starting soon as well. but i have done up some objective markers for malifaux. i am planning on doing most of them, but starting simple.

saw someone on here make some TNT markers from a hirst arts mold and i quite liked them so i did up some of my own.


i also did up a treasure marker aswell,from the same mold.


i am hopefully going to get some corpse markers and walking dead done soon, got some mantic zombies that are perfect for it :).

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thanks all :),

up next i made up some corpse counters for my Nicodem to raise.

used he mantic zombies, and some greenstuff for the intestines and some pumblers putty for the bases.

had some fun painting them to i hope they come across as kinda been dead for awhile, anyway here they are.


click to enlarge



let me know what u guys think. cheers all :).

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