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Dreamer update - Alps, Daydreamer and Lelu (WIP)


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Finally finished the last daydream and alps and have started Lelu so I thought I would share pics. Pics are just thumbnails, for those who want larger pics follow the link to the blog in my sig.




The fully painted crew all lined up.


And the WIP photos of Lelu.



Let me know what you all think.

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Definitely dig the color scheme for your alps, you've got some rich tones that contrast well to make the model both dark/eerie as it should be as well as allowing details to pop out and catch the eye.

I feel your "muscle lines" on Lelu might be a bit too wide, they don't look very natural. But then again I just dislike Lelu's sculpt in general, so I may be biased.

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Thanks for the Alp love, am really happy with them, just wish i'd got a bit more of a 'fire' effect on the lit cigar.

I'm not sure about Lelu, I half like and half dislike the contrast on the muscle tones.

I find it strange that depending on my mood when painting two models in the same crew/army can seem to have such different painting techniques.

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