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How does Leviticus play?


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I was wondering how Leveticus plays, I've read his card, and he just seemed to e designed to die, OK you can ring him ack via the Waifs, but hmm...

The guys on The Aethervox (cool) mentioned that you want him to die, why? How are his rules meant to work?

and why is he nicknamed 'the one man apacolypse'?

Why is he said to be hard to use?

Is it just that you combine him with Alice for the cards and then just go mad with abominations and a Desolation engine? Doesn't the Desolation angine decay each turn as well?

I know that there are an infinite number of combos, but in general, what is Leveticus' play style, and what style would I need to enjoy playing to make him a good master for me?

Are there any other models that go Very well with him?


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So far, I have found him and his crew to be a very aggressive all-rounder.

You do want him to die, so you can keep getting more cards in your hand.

This leads to wanting to blow through my hand to do as much damage as possible, while still getting him Killed or offing him myself.

Alice and the Waifs stay back and try to keep alive.

The Desolation Engine gets catapulted forward first turn by the Steam Punk Abominations. You want him to be attacking constantly. He drains life every time he hits someone, so I have never had a problem with his constantly losing health.

Leveticus himself is capable of killing any model in the game in one activation. Dealing Half Health + 1 Wounds makes other models weep. He is quite deadly. He ignores Armor, Hard to Wound, and really doesn't care how many wounds you have.

I haven't tried him with any other models yet, but I am looking forward to the Dead Rider, Ashes and Dust, Steamborg Executioner, and the Watcher.

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i am no expert, but i have played with Leveticus maybe 2 dozen times in games between 25-65 soulstones.

It took me 3 or 4 games to get some of his tricks down, so I would recommend expecting to practice.

You want him to die so that you get to draw a new hand of cards. But keep that in mind so that you don't accidentally discard good cards.

I like to field steampunk abominations in small clusters that later mush together to make a Desolation Engine, that way you take the least damage from 'unstable creation' (or whatever the rule is called).

I mainly just play with Leveticus, alyce, steampunk abominations, and a few crooked men.

I find that Leveticus is the damage dealing focus of his gang, and i use the other stuff to keep my opponent busy.

There are plenty of tactics articles out there, waaay more complete than this. I'd just suggest to get the box set and start playing.


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I'm just starting to learn Levi as well, so I'm sure someone with more knowledge will chime in.

Off the top of my head though, Levi does not get to draw cards like everyone else does, but if he dies during a round, when you place him during the Closing Phase, THAT is when you draw a new card hand. So, that's why you want him to die.

I think the "one man apocalpyse" thing often comes from the fact that he has the special ability to add :+fate to his damage flips by discarding cards, and he can do 12 damage with severe, which will kill pretty much anything in the game with one hit.

I've seen quite a few people talk about using Ryle with him, which is one of the things I plan to try. The Desolation engine is pretty nasty though, and even though it decays every turn, it's a nasty piece, and if you can manage to kill 1-2 things with it before it 'dies', then you can usually re-form it pretty easily. I've also heard that Punk Zombies work well with him, but I have not had a chance to try them out myself. The Hooded Rider and Undead Rider are supposedly pretty sweet with him too.

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I tend to play Levi as an IN YOUR FACE powerhouse and build the crew around that. Alyce, SPA's, DE's are a given, but I also like to use Teddy, a Steamborg, Killjoy and Ryle. Depending on scenario or the attendance of Killjoy I might take a necropunk or two and I can see a Watcher being very, very handy. Other than that I usually find my SS would be better off spent on more SPA's.

I'm sure there's all manner of configurations of lists that work well with him, but when I play Levi I play him solely to smash stuff up :D

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Levi is my primary master and I have played him in so many different ways its funny. Only one thing rings true every time I play him. He is not a good support caster he carries the load of the force very well in the latter part of the games. That's why there are the spa or other heavy hitter to create havoc on your opponent to throw them off balance. The riders are just plane fun with their mobility as well as the peacekeeper. Killjoy and some necropunksare great for making your opponent think twice about your objectives. Crooked men punk zombies are always a good addition for their points. Canine remains are awesome to get that second waif in play ether as a graverobber or as a corpse itself. Rileis just too much fun with Alice for the amount of shooting your crew can have. The only problem with Levi is all the options you can have with him I mean most of my battlefoam case is devoted to Levi and his crew.

I'm not ganna lie took me more than a few games to get used to him, but when you do you will understand the whole one man apocalypse. One time vs the dreamer he pope two teddys in from of me. I burned one down then turned him into a spa then burned the other one down to 3 wounds companioned the waif. As an ability was able to toss the top 3 cards how I wanted waif used the spell to turn teddy into another spa for me and my opponent looked at me and said...seriously. Of course chompy had to contend with a desolation engine and killjoy at the same time. It was an interesting game.

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I know a typical strategy is to bring a Canine Remains and kill it during the first round in order to summon an extra Hollow Waif. What do people think about using the Desperate Merc for that instead once it's released? does it make any difference? Do you typically take multiple Canines, or would you potentially take multiple Desperate Mercs? Just seems like the Mercs would be another fun way to get some extra Corpse Counters on the table early in the game, and harass your opponent early on.

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