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My First Three Malifaux Models: Witchlings!


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I had an absolute blast painting these guys. Keep in mind these are the 7th, 8th, and 9th minis I've ever painted. I'm really proud of them and happy with how they turned out, and want to share them with everyone.

Of course, criticism is welcome and encouraged! Thanks for taking a look.

The photos aren't incredibly detailed, but I did the best with what I had (I think!)







(It's hard to see in this next one, but I like how the base turned out, which is why I photo'd it at that angle)


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Thanks guys. There's not too much in the way of highlights (though I may change that before I dullcote 'em)--Basically I basecoated them in various colors and washed once or twice over each color, and voi-la. I wanted to do them quickly but still have 'em looking good. I think I'm most happy with how the swords turned out.

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I should have made this thread's title more broad, but oh well: I finished Samael tonight (minus the base--that's easy & I'll do his & Sonnia's together). I'm not quite as happy with him as I am with the Witchlings (they took less time, too), but I still like him.

This one's a bit dark but you can see his facial features better:






Overall he looks a little muddy to me (though better IRL than in the photos): perhaps I need to try a little highlighting and drybrushing after washing--I'm still new to painting and I haven't branched out to those techniques yet.

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I'm not using the flash, but I am holding them next to the light. Next time I'll photograph them in the daytime.

Re: Witchling's blades: Thanks! I just created a very thinned wash with a light blue and washed over the furrow in the middle of the blade, and the color just stuck there. I was surprised at how easy it was and how good it looks.

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