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April Mayhem Tournament, April 23rd


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Hey Guys, I'm running another tournament again in NoVA, for APRIL MAYHEM!


Saturday, April 23rd 10:00-6:30pm

Game Vault

6328 Five Mile Centre Park, Suite 414

Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Phone: (540) 785-4263

(Once you enter the center, go right to back further building)

Four Rounds of 25 SS Scrap Tournament

Slots: 16 contestants

Cost: $10 (includes pizza)

Time Schedule:

10:00am - 10:30am - Sign Up

11:00am - 12:30pm - First Round

12:30pm - 13:15pm - Lunch/Painting Contest

13:15pm - 14:45pm - Second Round

14:45pm - 15:00pm - Between rounds

15:00pm - 16:30pm - Third Round

16:30pm - 16:45pm - Between rounds

16:45pm - 18:15pm - Final Round

18:15pm - 18:30pm - Break

18:30pm - 18:45pm - Prizes Awarded

Strategy: Mixed

Round 1 - Random Core

Round 2 - Random Expanded

Round 3 - Random Expanded

Round 4 - Random Shared

Crew Construction: Fixed Faction

-Before the tournament, select only one Faction to use through out the Tournament. Report to the TO.

Encounter Location: Mixed of outdoor and indoor locations.

Paint Requirements: I’m not picky. Painted or non-painted crew are allowed.

Track of Scorings: TP/VPD/VP

Tournament Points: Win = 3, Draw = 1. Lost = 0

If a tie, then Victory Point Differential, the different between your opponents VP and yours.

If a tie, the overall Victory Points.

Painting Contest

Primary Contest: Any 25 ss crew, fully painted

Secondary Contest: Any one Model, fully painted.

(If the winner of the Primary Contest wins the Secondary Contest, the runner up will be pick as winner.)

Any Question, just email or Pm me,



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