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Okay so I am quickly putting together Shacks made out of cut Popsicle sticks for a tournament I am running in a few weeks.

The Shacks themselves are coming together slowly but surely but I have hit a snag. I can not figure out what I want to do for the roofs. Does anyone have any advice or perhaps a link to a good tutorial on making different types of roofs.

My priorities are

1) Get them together quickly(I need to make 24 of them)

2) Put them together cheaply(Already spent more then I had thought I would)

3) Make them look okay. My theory is that these are Gremlin village shacks so if they look shotty it works thematically. I just want it to look like a shotty built roof and not a piece of cardboard on top of a building.

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If you find some old boxes, and you can remove the outter layer of card, the crenellations between would make for perfect corrugated iron roofing.

Im lucky, working for a company that manufacturescardboard boxes I get a ready supply of delaminated cardboard (card that fails to form due to many factors)

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I found this over at Hirst Arts. http://www.hirstarts.com/tips/tips.html#painting

Haven't tried it yet, but looks like you can get a good effect on the cheap and easy. Will be time consuming, but I hope this helps.

We've tried the HA Method, and the afore mentioned techniques

Corigated cardboard, square cardstock shingles are FAR superior and more durable

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