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Zoraida v Ramos, 25ss

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This was a bit of an introductory game, so Ramos' crew was a little over the SS limit and the players did not take Schemes to keep things simple.

Zoraida's Crew


3 Silurid

Bad Juju

Ramos' Crew


Mobile Toolkit

3 Steampunk Arachnids

Steamborg Executioner


Terrain was Downtown, with a Creepy Structure in the middle of the table.

Zoraida's Strategy was Supply Wagon, and Ramos' was Destroy the Evidence.


Deployment was Diagonal. Zoraida set up first, using the right-hand corner in the above photo. The Silurids started in the canal, with Zoraida atop the tower for some juicy Conduit action.

Ramos set up on the docks in the left-hand corner.

The game required Ramos to advance, and Zoraida to defend. All the Evidence Markers were in Zoraida's half of the table as was the Wagon Marker, and if Ramos wanted any VP he had to shift.

An early Conduit from the Voodoo Doll saw the Steamborg kill an Arachnid, but Ramos simply summoned another. The Silurids moved fast along the canal and laid in wait out of LoS. Bad Juju appeared behind the Creepy Structure to protect the Wagon.


On Turn 2 the Silurids made their assault, two attacking Taelor and another attacking Ramos. None of them killed their targets, however. Taelor's hammer turned one of them to mush, before Voodoo magik made her turn and charge Ramos! He survived, despite the damage flip being :+fate :+fate :+fate!

In Turn 3 the Arachnids charged and latched onto another Silurid, and then Swarmed Together, ready to kill it, but before they could act, Zoraida had the Swarm charge Taelor. She wound up Paralysed from the Swarm's Overwhelm trigger. The Steamborg and the Swarm then took out the last two Silurids, with Ramos throwing an Electrical Creation into the mix. The Swarm got a hit on the Wagon.

In Turn 4 Zoraida flew forward and Repulsed models away from the Wagon. The Steamborg charged forward, but did little to Bad Juju. Bad Juju flurried the Steamborg into scrap. The Swarm destroyed the Wagon.


In Turn 5 Zoraida switched to trying to deny Ramos his Strategy, but poor Initiative flips continued to dog her crew. The Swarm went first and Destroyed the first piece of Evidence, then killed the Voodoo Doll. Taelor moved up and hammered Bad Juju into a pulpy mass with some Red Joker damage, and Zoraida had no soulstones left to bring him back. Zoraida Obeyed the Swarm away from the 2nd Evidence Marker and flew over to protect the 3rd.

In Turn 6 Zoraida again failed to get the initiative and Ramos Focused and Soulstoned a shot at her, doing 5 dmg and killing her. The Swarm and Taelor failed to reach the 2nd Evidence Marker, just stopping short.

With no models left on the board, Zoraida was powerless to stop Ramos completing his Strategy, but the game ended as the Ramos player flipped a 6, and it was all over. Neither side had any VP, so it was a draw. A close game, and a lot of fun :)


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Very nice, thanks for posting this match. I have Ramos and Zoraida but have yet to use Z. I forgot that Focus & Channel were available to all models, something I have to remember when I start using Z. I always learn something major or minor from every bat rep!

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That is awesome stuff. Good job mate...I am envious.

Even with Terraclips, this is available now if you dont mind the hard graft yourself, and I for one may just have a go myself!....

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