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Newbie help with Som'er


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I picked up the gremlin box with Som'er and sort of played my first game last night. I'm looking for information on what to buy next, specifically to fill out this crew for a 25SS game.

I realized last night that Som'er's ability create gremlins means that I should have extra gremlins on hand, how many extra do you typically bring? Do I need extra pigs as well?

Are the LaCroix models gremlins and thus usable by Som'er?

Thanks for the help.

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Som'er's totem is invaluable. Not only can they make more of themselves, but they have two superb abilities. One is pig control, through casting Sooey! With their Wk they can lead your pigs around and get them ready to Charge. The other is enemy hand control, where you can force your opponent to discard control cards. Do this before a Pig stampedes through his lines or before your Gremlins open fire and he will be in trouble.

You can take up to four totems, but Wyrd only make one sculpt of the Giant Mosquito, sadly. Other options do exist eg. http://www.wargamessupplydump.co.uk/mis_minis.htm

The Hog Whisperer is a great model if you want to go pig-heavy. With his healing and ability to give pigs flight and reactivate, he is all but essential in a pig crew. He has the wounds to stand up front and take a few hits, as well.

The Kin are special forces, so Som'er can only take two of 'em. If you want more, you need to take Ophelia first. By herself Ophelia is decent with a gremlin gunline, as she stops them shooting one another by mistake.

Here are some good tactica theads - http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=16796 and http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=17016

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I would recommend One blister of Bayou Gremlins, one Blister of Piglets, at least two Giant Skeeters, and one Blister for the Hog Whisperer in addition to the crew box. This will give you a ton of options with Somer and allow you to run Pig heavy, Balanced or Gremlin Heavy.

Also I would recommend that you look at the Gremlin Tactics thread stickied at the top. It will cover most of the strategies with Somer, i.e. the Gremlin Gunline, Alpha Stank, Pig Bommerang, etc.

After playing him a bit and learning some of the strategies mentioned above, expand with the Lacroixs, Taxedermist, Stuffed Piglets, Slop Hauler, etc.

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There are really 3 ways to build a Som'er Crew:

1.) Gremlin Heavy

2.) Pig Heavy

3.) Hybrid - Pigs & Gremlins

Option #1 is probably your strongest competitive option, but I personally feel its rather stale compared to the inclusion of pigs. That's just my preference though.

My advice would be to choose early if you want to go heavy on Gremlins or Pigs, fill out that list, and then start dipping more into the other side of the pond.

Regardless of which way you choose to go, get some Mosquitoes! His totems are just amazing, and you are gonna want 4x of them on the table at points (maximum allowed) so get 4 of them! Personally I really dislike the Wyrd models for the Giant Mosquito and I find they're really expensive for what you get. I opted to get an alternate sculpt from: http://www.heresyminiatures.com/. They aren't up on the site because they have a slight mold problem and the sculptor doesn't want to advertise them if they aren't perfect. But I got 6x of the buggers (3x per blister) AND shipped them to the States from England for less than it would have cost me to buy 4x from Wyrd. And the sculpts are WAAAAY better. Just email Andy at Heresy Minis and ask about their discontinued Giant Waspquito model, he'll know what you want. I posted pics of them somewhere before, I'll have to look again.

If you want to go Gremlin Heavy you're going to want probably 12 or so Bayou Gremlin models. Additionally you'll likely want some of the LaCroix Kin to provide heavy hitting support, so if you have the money pick up their starter. If you're more strapped for cash just pick up Rami and Ophelia as they'll work best with the Gremlin Heavy list most of the time.

If you want to go Pig Heavy, pick up the Hog Whisperer ASAP and a blister or two of piglets as your budget allows. Your base 4x Bayou Gremlins should be enough for the crew, you'll need some Gremlins up at all times just to generate card draw and to summon new Piglets and Mosquitoes. You can grab the Taxidermist and Stuffed Piglets if you prefer, but I feel their a bit more gimmicky and will require some more advanced play. So you might want to fill out the base force and then come back to them.

Lastly, both lists are going to want a Slop Hauler or two. However, I feel those are more advanced models as well, so build up your foundation of basic minions (Bayou Gremlins or Piglets) and a few must-have support minions (Opheli/Rami or Hog Whisperer) before snagging these. But you WILL want them.

Then, once you've got that rounded out you can flesh out the other half of Som'er's options to give you more options and snag the remaining LaCroix kin if you didn't get the starter.

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Thank you for the feedback. I saw the links to the tactics. Since my gaming group has all bought boxes at the same time we decided to not look at tactica and to all the learn the game organically. It's a freeing feeling not to be worrying about which master is better than which and what the hot combo of the month is. At least for this game.

I liked the idea of small crews when we bought the game and I picked the Som'er box since it looked like fun without knowing any of the game. Once I read the cards I knew I would need more models and I appreciate the response so I can go buy some more blisters and then get on with playing. I love the idea of generating models during play, just was unsure how many more I would need on average. I figured people either did it all the time or not at all, but it seems like all the time.

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Som'er is not only the Master that got me into the game but also my favorite. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with him. He is not as one dimensional as he at first appears.

So far you have a lot of good advice in this thread. I would add though that what is the most competitive will depend largely on your random Strategy and chosen schemes more then anything else. As a new player my advice for you is to focus on what you need to do to win and if that proves too difficult (i.e. Slaughter Strategy against Ressers) try to derail your opponents strategy and announced schemes to limit his VP's. With a few exceptions you dont have to destroy everything or even the Master to win.

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I've faced multi-pig forces, and they can be brutal.

My best tactic with Som'er, though, has been to bananas with regular Gremlins. In a 25ss game, I often go with 12 Gremlins, with 1ss left over for cache. I just keep one or two back for Git Yer Bro, and send the rest up to launch fusillades and die for the cause. (Needless to say, I prefer the Gremlin Gunline.)

Once you start doing higher ss games (a lot fo folks seem to play 35ss), I would definitely add Ophelia tot his arrangement. Between her effectively eliminating Whoops! around herself (Calm Down, Dammit, I think is the name for this one) and Shot High Boys, she makes the gunline really nasty.

I also recommend checking out the aforementioned tactica.

The big thing to remember with Gremlins is that while they're one of the harder crews to win with, they're also one of the most fun to play. Just go ahead and get silly when you play them. :P:

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The way i'm playing gremlins since the 2nd book has come out is very different. What i find myself doing now is have my kin take on their priority targets while also stopping them completing their objectives. With the kin i usually only take 2 these are either ophelia + rami for elite armies or armies with a couple of big guys i want to kill in 1 alpha strike (teddies, killjoys etc), ophelia + pere for swarm armies using ophelia to get pere to them faster with "oooh, its a girl", or if i have alot of objectives to capture i'll go pere + rami and get a couple more gremlins to grab objectives for eg, line in the sand.

While my kin is doing that I have my gremlins off doing my strategies and schemes (Reckless is so beautiful!) and behind it all i have teeth with 2-3 gremlins just chain casting get your bro. I should say at this point that my first turn is 3 get your bro's using a soulstone if necessary to get the 3 off then the mozzies eating gremlins (i'll only buy 1-2 mozzies then get the other 2 or 3 through their (all) action), 2nd turn i heal up 2 mozzies so they can cast a gremlins luck to have 2 turns of my opponent not having any cards.

I take 2 slop haulers in my list 1 next to teeth so he can heal 4 gremlins which is usually the 2 gremlins from the turn before plus the 2 i've just summoned with get your bro. So more often than not its 2 fully healed gremlins going on their way (note: each turn i keep the slow/newly summoned gremlins with teeth ). Then the other slop hauler follows ophelia around and either heals rami after he uses his trigger or he reduces the tough targets df to 4 and then ophelia and rami finish it off in one alpha strike.

If my kin are in trouble due to me underestimating my opponents or a bad flip then my mozzies will fly in and fart all over them (using teeth's pull my finger).

Hope this helps, its far more than I intended to write hopefully it wasnt just rambling.

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Also note that if you dont like losing its probably not the best crew to start on i think i lost my first 20 games of malifaux horribly, until i got my head around what teeth can do. Now you should see my opponents faces when they have to play without a control hand!

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Also note that if you dont like losing its probably not the best crew to start on i think i lost my first 20 games of malifaux horribly, until i got my head around what teeth can do.

Blame every loss on the hooch.

I don't have much to add, really, but I have to say that I find it really hard to play without the utility the Slop Haulers give the crew. They make it a lot more consistent, and I'd recommend getting a blister early on.

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