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Ressurectionists vs Neverborn


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Hi guys (and girls) one of my regular opponents plays neverborn and I'm really struggling with coming up with ways to play well against him as he seems to be faster than me as well as being better in melee. I know I'm more resilient but it doesn't really seem to make a difference.

I have access to pretty much everything ressurectionist other than kirai and would greatly appreciate any tips or tactics that you find work well against the neverborn.



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Depends on the strategy you to have. Don't think of it so much as you have to beat "him" but you just need to complete your goals, and if you can deny his then all the better.

That said a few things that might help:

Dead Rider - He's fast, he can beat face, he's expensive. i usually link a grave spirit to him to keep him safe from ranged fire but vs Neverborn that shouldn't be too big a problem.

Crooked Men - Shaft him. If his strategy has anything to do with locations drop multiple shafted markers on them. Now he runs the risk of paralysis or death for ending near the markers.

Seamus and his belles - He may be fast but your belles have Wk6 when near Seamus. Try chaining lure to bring a model in close then have Seamus or another melee face beater (Dead rider/ rogue necromancy / Punk zombies) to tear it apart. Or even just have Seamus slap them with insignificant / slit jugular.

Canine remains - Swarm with these. Sure the damage isn't spectacular but when in groups of 2-3 they become quite the annoyance.

Canine remains (Again!) - Cheap corpse counters. I bring 2/3 of these for the sole purpose of killing them turn one & bringing out a flesh construct or rogue necromancy (Assuming Mortimer flips a crow or I have one low enough to cheat with)

Hope this helps.

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As a neverborn player who has played against most of the resurectionist masters with Lillith, Pandora, and Zoraida, the most annoying thing for me is that you keep coming back.

Lillith and her brood can pretty much kill anything you bring, but if I remember right the entire Neverborn faction has only 1 model that can do anything about corpse counters. The Black Blood Shamen hasn't been released yet. Corpse counters are your friends.

Zombie samurai are awesome. I like to obey them so I can use them against their owners. They are that awesome. The idea of combing belles with "lure" and punk zombies is one that sounds like a lot of fun.

McMourning makes me think really hard about how to engage him, if I will at all. I would prefer to just avoid him as he will take serious effort to put down.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the Neverborn melee models can charge without line of sight or have ways of bipassing models between them and their target. The wall of mindless zombies between the Mature Nephilim and Nicodem will not stop the mature from charging him. Lillith doesn't require line of sight for anything she does because of her "master of malifaux" abillity. This includes the fog that Nicodem can make.

Flesh constructs, and other "immune to influence" things can not be obeyed by Zoraida.

As a neverborn player I do not like fighting against Bette Noir, because I tend to kill a lot of stuff and she just keeps coming. Neverborn don't have alot of ways to sacrifice enemy models.

Jack Daw works well with resurrectionists, but personally I have played against him three times and have not seen him really earn his points. Most neverborn can usually move fast enough to keep terrain between themselves and Jack. The hanged however are really nice. Most neverborn's weakness is found in their willpower, although there are exceptions.

The Neverborn are fast, but Kirai is usually as fast or faster. If your strategy requires good movement abilllities, I would suggest using her. Neverborn don't have a lot of magic weapons available or damaging spells without going out of faction, although we do have several methods of dealing wounds instead of damage. Spirits can be difficult for us to put down for this reason.

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