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some advice if possible.

Dark Alleycat

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Ok so since the painting commissions are starting to go better locally,I can finally start plotting out my further purchases.

So my eventual goal is to have 1 master and possibly 1 henchman or a second master from each faction.So far..

I have Seamus,with a future purchase of Mollie.

Von Schill with a future purchase of the Viktorias.

Now..the Neverborn I am totally clueless on what I want to try and get. As far as the Guild goes I have been leaning towards Sonnia or Perdita. Arcanist I am thinking possibly Rasputina.

The big thing is I want to have groups that work together, and preferably play differently from the rest.

With Mollie and Seamus I have the crazy mobility Shenanigans and hilarious fun models to paint and play.

Von Schill gives me the small unit tactics I love doing,plus he brings a bunch of versatility,and the Vik's assist with that.

I kind of want a caster type Master...so either Sonnia or Rasputina since I haven't seen any other Masters that fit that archtype really.Ideally I would want Masters that dont require 3 million models to play effectively.I also don't want an army that will have a trick that makes my opponents want to give up in disgust. Which unfortunately seems to limit some of the neverborn options (Pandora,Alps) and everyone at my LGS has Zoraida so I don't want to do that. Maybe Lilith for a Melee style Master would work. With Perdita for shooting and Rasputina or Sonnia for Casting.

Anyone have recommendations on other masters and their Playstyles that might be fun to try out?

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You should go for lilith, then the dreamer. just to mix up the play styles! plus they are awesome models.

Too true, too true. Two very different yet interesting and devestating playstyles. And for Guild may I recommend Sonia and Lucius. Both are heavier on the spell-casting side, and they each give you a nice spread of models they are effective with.

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I dont have rising powers,so if someone could give a general idea of how Lucius plays that would be greatly appreciated...I admit I LOVE the model..but would like to know how he goes lol.

At this point I am pretty much set on having Lilith as my melee master.So..with her you would want to go for 3 terror tots,2 young nephilim,2 mature nephilim. Though saving points by having at least some of them ready to grow right? what else goes well with lilith?

as for guild I think i might go with Lucius depending on how he plays.

Perdita,Sonnia and Rasputina are the other possibles,I do want a shooty army and most say Perdita is the one to choose there..but Sonnia or Rasputina for casting is what im looking at.

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Big Z is a heavy caster, too, she just doesn't lay down the fireballs as much. Still just as dangerous, though.

I'm doing sort of the same thing. I just got Criid. She's very fun, but a soulstone who--g. Still, esploding everything is pretty fun. For Lilith, proxie out a Nekima. Seriously. If you want to dip into Lilitu and Ladyba, they work, too.

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I love Perdita and her crew. I run both Perdita and Lady Justice, and while LJ hits hard and takes hits like a pro, Perdita's stat line has it all over LJ. If you are interested in doing some swapping, I'd suggest picking up a clamshell Judge to add to the crew in bigger scraps, and a couple death marshals.

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Well like I said...everyone in the LGS has a Zoraida so I don't want to do that. I plan on having both at least one Neverborn master and one Guild master.

So general consensus is Lilith for melee and Perdita for shooting and Sonnia for casting.

So Lilith would need:


the BDSM twins.

Tots and Nephilim


Possibly Coppelius since everyone says he is awesome.

Perdita would need:

Abuela Ortega and the rest of the clan.



Sonnia would need:



what else?

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well, a peacekeeper is almost always a good addition to any guild crew imo, it works well as bait that takes an awful lot of commitment to take down (and when its right up in ur opponents face, they havent got the choice to not take it down) an does some awsome damage output. Be warned tho, nekima has some very nasty shenanigans that may indeed lean toward the "opponent being in disgust" sort of thing. She's a little OP as are alot of things in the new neverborn (these are the overall conclusions of the people at our local club-but were cool with OP as were generally more the tournament playing people :) ) however, if ur playing against alot of neverborn (as suggested) that by in large goes out the window, she pretty much settles on being pretty balanced. Id honestly stick with her as the model shuld be amazing :)

But if ur going painting then id honestly go for rasputina over sonnia, just sonnia only really has the witchlings and samael, whereas rasputina has golems, gamins, silent ones, and hopefully soon to be released snow storm. Also, if u do go raspy, id strongly suggest a three headed cerberus thing (cant remember its name) just paint it as a snow leopard ;) the thing works wonders for a friend i know who uses raspy.

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Ok...So in recognition of things not going so well as it seemed initially...I have to chop down my to buy list a tad lol.

So..since I will be having seamus and molly,von schill and the viktorias...What should be the third faction and what master?

Lillith or Perdita or Sonnia? It does sound like Lilith really requires significant more then the basic box set to get the really neat stuff,is that just a trick of the dark as it were? or does it really end up that way?

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