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March 5th Malifaux Demo, Pegasus Games, Madison WI

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Well, a hello to all of the Wyrd forums. After spending several months in Sweden, which had a rather excellent Malifaux scene, I returned to the United States to find that there aren't a lot of people playing this game. Seeing as I thought I needed something to do in-between my Bachelor's degree and heading off to graduate school, I figured I may as well help to foster the Malifaux scene here in Madison.

What does this mean for you, the reader? It means that there will be a Malifaux demo at Pegasus Games, that ever-so-wonderful purveyor of nerd-related items on March 5th. Here's the details;

- Five pre-built crews will be available for demonstration and test play for people; one from each faction. Each crew will also come with a short summary sheet, detailing basic strategy with them, boxes to check off wounds, and tactics against the other crews.

- The games will run with pre-selected scenarios, depending on the experience of the players with miniatures gaming in general.

- A printout of quick reference rules will be available, as well as copies of all the available rulebooks and errata sheets.

- Several more experienced players will be along to help new players learn the game, as well as arbitrate in the case of rules confusion and needed clarifications.

We'll also have enough models to play a few full-sized games afterward, if people are interested, although I cannot guarantee that all of the miniatures will be anything more than primed and based for that portion.

Here's the nitty-gritty details:

Date: March 5th, 2011

Location: Pegasus Games, located at 6640 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719-1012

Time: 2-6PM for the official demonstration, with some of my demonstration crew probably hanging around afterward for full-sized games.

City: Madison, WI

Size Limit: We're looking to give players about an hour for the demonstration game, so it looks like we can handle about 16 people all in all, although more are welcome to come, watch, and ask questions. A few other folks might bring partially assembled/unpainted crews, so that could expand the number of demos we can give.

Thanks a ton for anyone showing interest, and I hope to see a few people out there at Pegasus.

Demonstration Crews:

- Perdita Ortega

- Nicodem

- Rasputina

- The Dreamer/LCB

- Von Schill

Newcomers will be steered towards the easier lists, while more experienced miniatures gamers will be pointed to the crews requiring a bit more finesse and understanding. Additionally, as mentioned, there will be sheets detailing strategy, good tips for unit use, and for use tracking wounds.

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Yeah, I grew quite addicted to it whilst in Sweden, so I figured I may as well give a little back to the community. I think the 'introductory sheets' are a good idea, as I can easily write in the rules clarifications/errata for players, and give a few tips on how certain models interact.

So far, I've had quite a bit of fun writing little mini-strategies for each of the premade crews. Aiming for as little complexity as possible, along with a decently-sized cache for each player. The most headache-inducing has been compressing how the Dreamer/LCB interact, but I figure I'll be pointing experienced players towards that.

So far, the best I have is:

"LCB and the Dreamer all draw their actions from a pool of 3 AP. If there is only one out during a turn, then they can take up to the usual number of actions (2 general actions and one (0) action). If one of them is switched for the other, however, subtract the number of actions that the previous model has taken from 3 to see how many AP the new model has left.", followed by a short example of a typical turn.

It's still a bit vague, and I'll doubtlessly be working on this a little bit, but I figured that they're practically iconic of the game, and it's a great draw for new players to have a nightmare-summoning child beat the hell out of demon-killing cowboys.

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