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Greetings from Prague!


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Hi there!

It's about month since I've bought my starter box with Pandora and I've totally fallen in love with this game :)

I'm playing wargames last 5 or 6 years, almost as long as I'm at university. I've start with w40k (as almost everyone back in Czech) than step over to Warzone and finally to Malifaux.

I still count w40k as a game that I occasionaly play but I'm not satisfied with lots of rules, so it's only a few games in a year. I play Warzone quite regularly but it's also quite hard to keep this game alive, since there's only couple of us who is still counting as active player....

I really like Malifaux with it's different and not-too-much-depending-on-luck rules and with so much different minis and I hope it will not meet the same fate as lots of great games (AT-43, Warzone...) did and all of the GW players back in Czech will be wrong....

Thx for reading;)

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Thanks for welcoming!

Welcome mortimer, this is a great game that is now in the top 10 around the gaming community, so it will be hard for wyrd to have the same fate, you will see how refreshing is this game, have fun! Pandora`s box is one great crew, neverborn a good choice!

Yeah, you know, when you see fall of several really interesting and popular games, you'll start wondering if it could happen again....but I believe in Wyrd and in the Malifaux as the game is spreading out to the whole world (back in Czech it is spreading really massively). So, good luck to all of us and happy gaming! :-D

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