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Hey All!


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Muddled through our first game last night, it was a blast but we were all making up rules the entire way! :clap:

Worst part was that we are all avid 40k players, so we are hyper competitive with each other, and I think that blood was drawn at least twice lol!!

Oh well, it is a blast and seems pretty quick to learn!

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Hey Everyone-

I just took the plunge into Malifaux with my buddies last night, saw that it looks like there is a great community on these forums and wanted to get in on it!

Bought the Dreamer and will be going through the fun process of learning a new game!

Hope to talk to a bunch soon!

*giggles with glee* Yay! YOu have succumbed to my babies!! Im sure you will find them most entertaining! I hope you have fun! :D

Oh and welcome to Malifaux, I am The Neverborn Princess and I hope you enjoy your stay! :D candy??? *offers sweetie jar*

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