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Malifaux Demo @ Rock-it Games, Metairie Louisiana Tuesday Nights 6:00-9:00 PM


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Rock-it Games in Metairie, Louisiana will be hosting demo games of Malifaux every Tuesday Night from 6:00-9:00 PM begining February 22, 2011.

The following crews will be available for use during demo games;

1) Somer Teeth Jones

2) Lady Justice

3) Rasputina

4) Zoraida

5) Seamus

* Fate Decks, Soulstone Counters, and other items will be provided by onsite Henchman.

Ask for either Tim or Dustin.

Rock-it Games is located at:

3409 Metairie Rd

Metairie, Louisiana 70001

Phone # 504-828-8008

Near the corner of Airline Dr and Severn Ave.

Parking is available either in front of the store or across the street.

We look forward to introducing you to the world of Malifaux.

P.S. If you cant make Tuesday night, PM either Chainsawhand or Omenbringer (or better yet both) to schedule another time that works for you.

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Trying to escape the Mardi Gras crowds? Rock It Games is open for business in spite of the parades and associated "Bead Madness" coming over the city. Come on down for either a game or demo begining at 6:00pm and running until closing at 9:00pm. As always look forward to seeing you there.

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Looking forward to another Malifaux Demo and Game Night at Rock It games in Metairie. As usual we will be starting at 6:00 pm and running until 9:00 pm. Anyone up for facing Seamus and the Belles in the Quarantine Zone? Or maybe Rasputina and the Ice Constructs in the Mountains?

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We need more of the "locals" to play, all these Guild sympathizers, undead harems, and funny looking constructs... Bah! I say, its time again for the "natives" to take back what's rightfully ours! We're coming to send you all Earth-side!! I'll see you guys Tuesday, glad to see that more people are trying out the Wyrd-er side of gaming!

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Looking forward to seeing you all again.

The good news is that I think we almost have enough players for a full fledged league, :adore: Just have to figure out exactly what style league we want to run.

From what I have seen we have a pretty nice split between the factions, though I do think the Neverborn are the least represented...at least until Collodi comes out. Zoraida is hard at work in the bayou stitching together the puppet tide.

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