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Doctor Amos

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"That is what I offer you. Take it or leave it." The woman gave a sharp look. Her ruby-red lips, ever-shining, pouted with what might have been a smirk. "Two of you go in, one comes out, one gets paid in soulstones, the other of you serves me in... another fashion." There was a murmor of laughter which seemed to eminate from the walls themselves. The two men looked at each other hesitantly. "Or do you think my offer is somehow less than your talents are worth?"

The taller man spoke first. "No. I must... for my Sasha. I will... I will do what you ask. The stones will buy my Sasha a trip home. For her.... I will for her."

The shorter man, his face obscured in layered clothes, replied. "I will do as you wish, my Lilith. All will serve you."

"Excellent!" The woman beamed and rose. "Then you know what to do. When the men and thier dead things come again, we shall be ready for them, yes?" She was not asking. As she turned, a genuine smile crept across her lips. How much Nekima had yet to learn of these creatures. A little promise, a brief display of power, and they fell at her feet. And, soon enough, they would fall to the feet of her children. Both men were going to die. But, thinking that one of them would live meant that she didn't have to worry herself about killing them both at the same time. Her only regret was that she wouldn't be able to drink thier red blood herself.

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