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Pigapult/Taxidermist with the LaCroix

bringer of death

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Ophelia cannot take Pigs when she is leading a Crew, so although she can take the Pigapult and Taxidermist, she has no efficient way to make Piglets, and no cheap models to kill for corpse counters like Som'er has.

I don't see how it can work, although the thought of hurling Pere Ravage 24" is so tempting :)

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I would love to try this but I don't think it would function that well. you can take some bayou gremlins to kill for corpse counters, but you don't get anything for them like you do with som'er (2 cards), unless you take a whisperer. but now you are talking half of a 30 pt crew for 2 models which will do nothing but help you make pigs and the pigapult.

The whisperer is not going to do much wranglin' as the pigs will be sac'd for ammunition as fast as you can make them, or they will be passing and standing near the pigapult waiting their turn.

Now, the pigapult may be worth it's price just to launch pere at the enemy (especially if he makes his df flip) or even Ophelia (she can ss the flip) to place her next to a treasure marker or to take out hidden models (Waifs, etc.)

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