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Dust & Ashes


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Nope, none. I am intrigued to see how the final model works out, as I haven't got a clue how it will look and how Wyrd will get around the Cloud / Core split.

However if you are a fan of The Joker, then something I have seen before is people doing a Joker paint scheme on McMourning.... it looks amazing and is well worth doing a search for. If you really want to go nuts you could paint a Nurse as Harley and Sebastian as the Penguin, especially now that we are getting Hats and Guns !

I think McMourning and The Joker are a perfect match, but if you can Levy work around the same theme, I would love to see it !

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When I first saw the concept artwork for ashes and dust I had the idea of kit bashing the hands and core from a mixture of Privateer Press models (the Death Jacks Hands for example) and some GW skeletons (for the Core).

After this I was planning on shaping some candle wax into a good vortex shape, placing the plastic and metal parts where they are supposed to go and casting a mold of it.

Finally I would place the painted plastic and metal parts back into the mold, then poor a mixture of Envirotex lite, sand, GW Gryphonne Sepia and Liquitex Irredecent Medium in to give it a good sandy appearance.

Probably a bit ambitious for me right now though (plus I dont currently have a need for him just yet).

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I've already made one and the seperate pieces.Used 50mm skull base and green stuff on top in a column .Embbed skulls in it and then twisted it around to look like a whirlwind sucking up skulls into it.I added space wolf lighting claws as its weapons.The other two bits are made from the same twisting method for the dust and the core was made from odds and bits to look like a piece of scrap with a skull on it.

Hope that helps

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I used a skull pile base and some addidional bones ans skulls from GW and the Negative Woman elelment from the Hero clix fig as DUST

then Cut off the Smoke/Fire Element from the Green Goblin fig and made a wastland base for it ASHEN CORE

(they are both on 30's)

Then I cut the Wind elemental loose form the WoW Base and use this one as the Combined Piece on a larger base!



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