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Collodi and whom for a brawl?


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So got a tournament coming up in a month or so and am looking to take my new Collodi crew which I'm happy with atm. However, the last game is a 50SS brawl, and lists aren't fixed so I HAVE to take collodi, and I have to nominate the other master prior to the tournament and was wondering who would probably be the best option vs all comers;

- Dreamer and chompy, for some burying fun.

- Zoraida, to help out with the dolls, as well as the other funky stuff going on

- Pandora, so stitcheds can do their willpower thing and she's cool anyway...

Thoughts etc. would be appreciated :D

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Technically you can't take Collodi as a Master in a Brawl, as there is no option to upgrade a Henchman to Master.

Instead of hiring a Master, you can choose to hire an eligible Henchman to lead the Crew during a Scrap. When a Henchman leads the Crew:
I would probably go with Zoraida, thematically. But I think you could put in Zoraida and Pandora if you wanted to. I would Check how they want to deal with the fact you can't take Collodi as a Master. As for the Dreamer far as I can remember you can't bury Marionettes as they are not Nightmares, but he might be useful if your also running Stitched. Edited by Ratty
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I would seriously drop the 10ss bonus for not taking the second master and take 2 masters with him.

Note: Zoraida and Pandora have a Cache of 5. if you don't take a second Master you get 10ss, if you do take one of them you get 5ss in your cache. So they are really costing you 5ss. Can you name any model in the game that is as good as Zoraida or Pandora for 5ss.

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I wouldn't go for the Dreamer as he is very reliant on having the right crew to make him work, which means you will have to spend points of Day dreams + other Nightmares to make him worthwhile on top of your marionettes not having as much synergy as they can't be buried. Zoraida and Pandora would be better. Zoraida can go with any crew, will help with card draw and can Obey all your puppets, on top of which she can make Wicked Dolls which Collodi can make significant. Pandora doesn't particularly need a crew to win and works well with Stitched Together + people are so scared of her she will disrupt them an awful lot.

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Wicked, cheers Ratty. Appreciate the help.

So a rough crew mock up;




3 Stitcheds

4 Marionettes

2 Wicked Dolls

Insidious Madness

Poltergeist (Pandora)


Puts me at 51SS so one over, need to have a think on that. But any general tactics you'd use for them?

Thanks once again Ratty!

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Wicked, cheers Ratty. Appreciate the help.

So a rough crew mock up;

2 Wicked Dolls

Puts me at 51SS so one over, need to have a think on that. But any general tactics you'd use for them!

I'd drop the wicked dolls at 3ss each, they're not worth it. Theryre most effective being summoned in via Zoriada so youve got a 6" placement range then the opportunity to do Malice on your next activation.

Maybe take an extra stitched for the long range cover (cloud of fog) and gambler (as you'll want as many crows as possible and it inflicts wounds) which brings you down to the 5ss you're looking for.Or drop a stitched for a marionette and take a convict gunslinger instead to give you some range.Or drop the wicked doll and a stitched, and take a bad JuJu - saves you the SS you need and gives you a beatstick (esp with v2 stats) you can obey if he's within 12" pandora - plus the doppleganger can mimic his powerful melee attack if she gets in combat.

Just some ideas, but think hard about paying for wicked dolls as they're not that effective for 3ss - as you saw at the last tourney when I played you.

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50ss brawl?

Just take the Dreamer with 16 alps and 6 daydreams.

Also, wear a helmet so you can survive the real life beating you will get for fielding that crew.


More seriously though, Collidi with 8 marionettes is silly powerful. Just abuse the companioned 24 actions the marionettes will have after Collidi gives them fast.

To completely abuse him, I'd recommend a lot of little guys to chew up activations and then use the doppelganger and Pandora. The goal would be to eat up their activations and have collidi and the marionettes go last, or have models that can't really hurt Collidi be Pacified so they go after Collidi. Then you activate them at the end of the round and rush the entire way across the field, and attack the opponent with 9 dudes. Then, you win initiative (hopefully) with the doppelganger, and activate Collidi first and get another round of marionette death in between opponent activations.

So I'd run

Pandora & poltergeist


Zoraida (because she summons more stuff in for more activations)

Collidi and Marionettes

So so far that puts you at 32 points used, so you have 18 points left.

6 terror tots go!

You could use 6 terror tot activations, pandora, doppel, totem, zoraida totem, zoraida, summoned wicked doll, so thats 12 activations (plus 1 more per turn of wicked doll summoning). You pacify the stuff you want to activate after those 12 activations, then then destroy him with Collidi 8 marionette bomb.


Alternate first turn attack if they have very few activations. Do the same thing burning 11 of their activations, then activate Collidi and move the entire length of the board, attack with 5 or 6 marionettes that were given fast and melee expert, then activate first the next turn and pull them all back before the opponent can attack. You have a full board length yo yo death bomb.


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