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Hi, looking for players in San Francisco


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Hello all!

First off, i've been playing Malifaux for a few months now, running Lilith and the Viktorias, mostly 25-30ss battles.

I've just moved to downtown San Francisco, USA from Melbourne, Australia and I'm looking for players or groups who play in the area. After doing a search for gaming stores the closest appears to be Gamescape, but there was no Malifaux players on their small games night (Wednesdays).

So... are there any malifaux players/groups/tournaments in SF?

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Welcome! I know there is a malifaux presence in SF, as I've stopped by a few stored up there, however I forget the name of the big one....I'll try to look it up for you and see what I can find. I also know there are quite a few players down in San Jose as well, Berkeley/east bay as well. Hell, one of these days I hope I'll be able to get to stores more to actually enjoy the game!

Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the Bay Area!

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