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35 SS Guild crew


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So I have to put together a 35 ss guild crew, and I ended up coming up with the following:

Perdita (2 ss cache)

Abuela (7 ss)

Nino (7 ss)

Santiago (7 ss)

Convict Gunslinger (6 ss)

Enslaved Nephilim (2 ss)

This would give me a crew costing 29 ss with a total max cache of 8 soulstones. I plan on trying to play some card control with headshot and suppressing fire, with a little help from obey to get more shots off. If not, I can always just shoot things to death.

Any ideas/comments on a crew like this?

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I was watching the need of certain suits as i was building my crew.

As I'm focusing on headshot and suppressing fire, I'll need crows for the former, and just a good high card for the latter. If I force him to burn a control card to avoid either, its still a good outcome.

While the option for perdita to obey is nice, I think i'll mostly use the totem and abuela for the obeys. And the nephilim already has the suit. So that leaves the main masks for grandma.

After all that, any bad cards left in my hand can be replaced with hero's gamble.

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Your list seemed to do well, but my not as soulstone relient list has served a bit better






Witchling stalker-4

still leaves 3 stones and at least for same squad throughout tourneys never hits anything it doesn't have at lest an answer for admitedly for pickup games you could do better if you know what you are up against.

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