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Marcus' terrifying totem


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Huh...Del Toro....have to check it out.

It's really old. I've only watched it once, when I was about 15 on a black and white TV in the middle of Dartmoor on a dark night with Howls coming from all around (probably Border Collies but you weren't to know it at the time)

But I remember it being damn good.

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Not really high praise that. I saw an episode of Mork & Mindy a few weeks ago and I was like "Wow! I used to love this show." Changed the channel after maybe 5 minutes. :) What we remember is often not what is.

I had reasonably good taste back them, still love Brazil and Aliens. But I'm going to watch it again tomorrow so I'll tell you what I think.. I can't think it's going to be rubbish though, it relied on suspense not special effects and I doubt Del Toro was ever really bad.

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