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H: Lots of Malifaux Incl Nightmare LCB W: $


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Hello all. Pretty much my Malifaux has been collecting dust since Gencon and I could use the cash for my upcoming trip to Australia so I'm selling it off. A large chunk of what I have is well painted, some of which won best painted in one of the Malifaux tournies at Gencon.

The Lord Chompy Bits has been green stuffed and primed white without the dreamer on his shoulder. The sitting dreamer and standing dreamer are unprimed. Best offer on him gets him unless someone makes a deal for the whole lot.

I also have a Gremlinette and a Miss Pack that are bare.

I'll consider selling the whole lot for considerably cheaper than piece-by-piece. If a piece is painted, asking price is 2.5 times retail. It is possible that this can be negotiated depending on the piece, but an offer for the asking price will obviously trump it.

Unpainted/Primed are 30% off retail with the exception of the Malifaux Rule Book which is only $10 due to having water damage but still being very usable.

Those who offer to by larger amounts get preference over those who only want single figures. Figures are sold as the come in box/blister and will not be separated. Releases that were before Gencon have their stat cards (V1) laminated.

I probably won't commit to any offer right away short of an offer for the lot in order to efficiently part it all out but I will do my best to respond and keep interested parties informed.

List of what I have (Sorry, the formatting is a little wonky)

Figure                                Quantity        Painted?    Status

Bette Noir                                 1            TRUE

Canine Remains 1 (2 pack)                 1            TRUE

Canine Remains 2 (2 pack)                 1            TRUE

Copycat Killer                             1            TRUE

Crooked Men (3 pack)                     1            FALSE        Primed White

Flesh Construct                         1            FALSE        Primed White

Grave Spirit                             1            FALSE        Primed White

Madam Sybelle - Rotten Belle             1            FALSE        Primed White

Mindless Dead (3 pack)                     1            FALSE        Primed White

Morgue Assistant Sebastian                 1            TRUE

Morgue Master McMourning                 1            TRUE

Mortimer - The Gravedigger                 1            TRUE

Necropunks (3 Pack)                     1            TRUE

Nicodem - The Undertaker                 1            TRUE

Nurses (2 Pack)                         1            FALSE        Primed White

Rotten Belles                             1            TRUE

Samurai-Punk Zombies (3 Pack)             1            TRUE

Seamus - The Mad Hatter                 1            TRUE

Spirits of Vengeance Box Set             1            FALSE        Bare

The Hanged                                 1            TRUE

Vulture                                 2            TRUE

Zombie Chihuahua                         1            TRUE

The Death Marshals - Crew                 1            FALSE        Primed White

The Executioner - Witch Hunter             1            TRUE

Convict Gunslinger, Mercenary             1            TRUE

Jack Daw                                 1            FALSE        Primed White

Born on the Bayou Box Set                 1            FALSE        Bare

Seishin                                    2            FALSE        Bare

Gaki                                    1            FALSE        Bare

Rasputina Box                            1            FALSE        Partially Painted

Lord Chompy Bits                        1            FALSE        Primed / Bare

Gremlinette                                1            FALSE        Bare

Misspack                                1            FALSE        Bare

Malifaux Rulebook                        1            FALSE        Water Damaged, still usable

Rising Powers                            1            FALSE        Like new

Red Deck                                1            FALSE        Used, but still in good condition

Green Deck                                1            FALSE        Used, but still in good condition

Puppet Deck                                1            FALSE        Like new

Malifaux Bag                            1            FALSE        Like new

Pictures of everything that is painted and LCB will follow shortly.

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