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Malifaux Escalation League Season 2/Demo night in Kansas City


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In the Kansas City area we're running a new escalation league, hot on the heals of our first. Here's the skinny.


a. The Escalation League will begin on January 17th, 2011.

b. Players can buy into a league season either $10 at any point in the season. This will go towards new club terrain/prize support at the end of each season.


a. Players will issue challenges to determined there opponents as they see fit.

b. No player may be challenged twice in one week, unless all other players have been matched. (clarified)

3.Game Schedule

a. Only one game per week will count, however additional games can be played during the night or week for improved victory points with each player choosing their single preferred game.

b. Scraps are played on a 3x3 playing surface.

c. Blocks will commence on Monday and continue till Sunday. Games can be played at any point during this time. They may be played after the allotted time but the value of the game will be worth -1 point for the result.

Schedule of Games September Scrap Season

Week Soulstones Type

1 30 Scrap

2 30 Scrap

3 30 Scrap

4 35 Scrap

5 35 Scrap

6 35 Scrap

7 40 Scrap

8 45 Brawl

4. Game Setup

a. Players will flip for strategies using the Rising Powers (book 2) charts. The standard scheme rules will apply.

b. Only outdoor locations will be used so only flip for which one. No indoor terrain until we have more/some built.

5. Force Composition

a. Masters may not be proxied

b. All proxies must be representative of the models they are being played as AND models must be on appropriate sized. Players playing with proxied models must state what model the proxy is standing in for before the start of the game.

6. Game completion

a. Upon completion of each game, Victory points will be tallied on each player’s league form.

7. League Points

a. League points will be scored as follows:

1 Point for loss

3 Points for draws

5 Points for win

b. In addition prize coins will be given as follows:

1 Point for loss

2 Points for draws

3 Points for win

8. Recruitment Points

a. Any player who runs a demo game for another player new to Malifaux in the store gains one additional league point per week. Mark this bonus point on one submitted standardized league form. No more than one league point may be earned this way each week of a season.

9. Winning

a. Winners will be determined via comparison of league points.

b. In cases of a tie Victory points will be used to determine ranking.

c. If there is still a draw then a 35ss scrap will be played as a final determination of rank.

10. Prize Support

a. The winning player will recieve 50% of the total prize pool in hobby bucks.

b. The remaining players prize coins will be put in a box/hat/sock/whatever and drawn out. The 2nd place player (first to be drawn out) will recieve 30% of the total prize pool.

The 3rd place player (second to be drawn out) will recieve the remaining 20% of the total prize pool.

There will be additional prizes for all players so everyone wins.

In addition there will be a demo night on January 10th to let new people get familiar with the game and various crews. I have pretty much everything that's currently out. So if you're thinking you want to give the game/a new master a try just come on out and we'll be happy to show you what it's about.

The location for both these events is at:

Tabletop Game and Hobby

6990 West 105th Street

Overland Park, KS 66212


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