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[Nicodem] The Murderous Menagerie

Jonas Albrecht

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Nicodem -(3ssc)

Vulture x2 - 4ss

Mortimer - 7ss (someone has to shovel all the pooh)

Canine Remains x4 - 8ss

Rogue Necromancy - 10ss

I wanted to put together a themed Ressers list, and since I'm a fan of aminals (and because it was the easiest theme to do), I decided to pile up a bunch of dead animals for a Crew. For higher point games, or against shootey lists, I might toss in some Night Terrors. Shikome are getting a pass until I decide to buy into a Kirai crew.

Anyway, there's not a lot of synergy here, though Nicodem can help the Rogue Necromancy trigger its Stalker ability.

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Yeah, I like it too...it's kinda Marcus-y

I don't usually use a RN right off, because I can take 2 Punk Zombie murder machines. But I see what you're aiming for and it really works.

With Mort, you can factory whatever you need from there.

The only thing I see that might be a problem is the really mobile crews that can step up on you while you are in the middle of your factory-ing.

IE See the dreamer.

I suppose you could just paralyze the crap out of them.

I really like it though, the dogs seem like the insta-materials for summoning and the Vultures really are your eyes and ears in the battlefield. The RN can take some of the heat off Nico because we've learned here...never let him do what he wants or everyone dies.

I just see mobility on their part being a wrench in your gears, unless you have some really high crows in your hand at the time. Also a lack of units...but that also leads to the same problem. I know I harp on and on about Sebastian, but he also has some good AoE you might want to consider for killing off the dogs fast and handing the Counters to Nico.

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