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Cincinnati Malifaux Tournament!


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I think this might've been the first 'official' tournament we ran here in Cincinnati. Unfortunately, we only had 4 players, but it was on Sunday, the last day of a huge all-weekend-long event at the store, so I know some of our regular Malifaux players were about to fall asleep standing up, lol.

Anyways, Each player declared their factions:

Aaron (me): Arcanists

Bryan (TheMadman): Arcanists

Luis: Guild

Nick: Ramos (yep, he wrote down Ramos as his faction, instead of Arcanists, lol)

Funny that we ended up with 3 Arcanist players, haha, but I had just finished up my Ramos crew and Bryan had just finished his Raspy, so we both wanted to try those a bit.

Build totals were 35 SS.

My first game was against Nick and his Ramos crew. He also ran the Steamborg, Joss, the Mobile Toolkit, and 4 Spiders to start with. I had wanted to play Ramos, but knew I likely wouldn't have a chance against Nick that wya, as he was much more familiar with Ramos, so I played my Showgirls, going with the Coryphees, Cassandra, 1 Perf/Manne pair, and 2 Doves. We played on my sweet Theater terrain (see sig for link). He started his crew behind the stage, and I started in the entry way of the theater (corner deployment). My strategy was Turf War, and his was Contain Power. I announced Power Ritual and Bodyguard for my Schemes, while Nick announced Assassinate and Sabotage. He spent his first couple turns getting more spiders and making two Swarms, and then sent the Steamborg and the two swarms toward Colette. The Steamborg did manage to wipe out my Performer with a single hit at one point, lol. Meanwhile, my Coryphees and Cassandra circled around the opposite edges of the theater from where Colette was, going for the Power Ritual interacts, and eventually ended up on Nick's deployment zone, getting the last Power Ritual, and then tying up Ramos. The Coryphees pulled off a Hypnotic Movements trigger, and then succeeded in a Blinding Flash spell for the Severe 3+Paralyze on Ramos. :) So that was big. Joss tried to retreat and help protect Ramos, but by that point, we were nearing the end of our time limit. I earned the full 4 VP for Turf War, by using the Coryphee's trigger to Push into Nick's Deployment zone, and then they split apart to up my model count, giving me 3 pieces on his side, and he only had 2 on mine (swarm and Steamborg). I also got Power Ritual and Bodyguard, for 9 VPs total. Nick did get his Sabotage, but that was it, for 2 VPs for him.

Luis beat Bryan in Round 1, so then I had to play Luis in Round 2. Since I had the highest VPs at that point, I chose the theater to play in again, and then, knowing that he was playing Guild (and I knew LJ was his only Master), I chose the Showgirls again, as I didn't think I'd do too well with Ramos against her, and I'd beat him before with the Showgirls. This time, I went with the full 35 SS crew with both Perf/Manne pairs. I set up behind the stage this time, and flipped Turf War AGAIN for my strategy, lol. So took the same schemes again for myself. Luis also had Turf War, and he took Breakthrough and I think Assassinate. I started out again with sending the Coryphees in one direction, and most the rest of the crew in the other, snagging 3 corners of the board for Power Ritual on Turn 1. The Coryphees made it to the 4th corner in Round 3. Meanwhile, the showgirls maneuvered around the theater stage, while LJs crew slowly advanced. I knew I was going to have to wipe out some of his units in order to have a chance, as he had more models than me to start with anyways. So, I started working on killing the lead Death Marshall and Witchling Stalker that were in range. Between some Breathe Fire from Cassie and Discharge Soulstone from Colette, I managed to kill both of them. Luis kept bring his whole crew to bear on me. At one point, he charged Colette with a Witchling Stalker and I was getting low on SS, so he ended up hitting me, and doing 7 (!) damage! Ouch. Luckily, I had at least 1 SS left, and I had flipped a :tomes in the defense, so I used the SS to heal and then let Colette escape with Blinding Flash. Whew. Luis' Guild Austringer nearly finished me off, but I got lucky with him flipping only weak damage, and leaving Colette with 1 Wd still, lol. Cassie almost bit it later, but I got lucky when Luis flipped 3 cards for the damage and lo-and-behold...Black Joker. :) So, when time was called for the round, I had completed both my Schemes, and Luis had neither of his (he had a Stalker only about an inch out of my deployment zone, lol). Luis did get 2 VP for Turf War though, as my Coryphees were the only thing on his half. But I had 6 VP total between my two schemes, and the +1 VP for being in his deployment zone. So I squeaked by on the 'win', even though I didn't complete the strategy.

So, for round 3, I had to play Bryan and his Raspy crew, so I decided, since I knew he was running that crew for the first time, that I would finally run Ramos, lol. So I had Ramos, a Steamborg, and I decided to try Rusty Alice, and then finish out with a Mobile Toolkit and 3 spiders. He had Raspy, Essence of Power, 2 Gamin, Von Schill, a Librarian, and Taelor (we realized at the end of the game that he shouldn't have been running Taelor, lol). We played on a western town type of terrain (unfortunately, none of us remembered to take any pics...doh!). This time, I got Slaughter for a Strategy and picked Sabotage and Assassinate (on Raspy) for my Schemes. I think Bryan had Contain Power, but I don't remember. I made some dumb mistakes early on, like getting my Steamborg stuck to a piece of Terrain thanks to Freeze Over, and then Von Schill picked off one of my Spiders at just the edge of his 12" ranged attacks. :( But I did manage to get one swarm, which immediately chased down Von Schill and locked him down. Taelor beat up on my Steamborg a bit, but not enough to finish him off, and on my next turn, the 'Borg returned the favor and very nicely finished off Taelor, when I flipped a Red Joker for 10 damage total, and then hit her again (stupid Hard to Kill, lol). Alice and Ramos hung back a bit and took pot-shots at Gamin when I could. Raspy used some Mirrors and December's Curse action and finished off the 'Borg, and put a bit of damage on Ramos as well. Around this time, I got really lucky though, and pulled a :crows with my Swarm against Von Schill, taking him out of play for a round. That allowed me to move my Swarm away and go kill the Librarian which was an easier target than Von Schill (stupid armor and Soulstones, lol). In the last round of play (time had been called), I was able to use Alice's Burn Out to reactivate the Swarm and go get my Sabotage. So, at the end of the match, I had killed 21 points (Taelor, Librarian, Gamin), and only lost the 'Borg and a single Spider, so I completed my 4 VPs for Slaughter and the 2 VPs for Sabotage. I never even got close to Raspy, so I'll remember not to take Assassinate against her in the future, lol.

So, at the end of the tournament, I came in first place with 21 VPs. I think Luis was 2nd with 16, and then Nick had 15. I don't remember how many Bryan had, but he came in 4th, losing all 3 games I believe.

Was a ton of fun, and the set up for the tournament was neat. The smaller set of Strategies and Schemes seemed to work out pretty well. I had fun running Ramos for the first time, and was REALLY different having Armor to depend on. I'm used to Colette getting killed in 1 or 2 hits, while Ramos just sits there and says "OK, go ahead and just try to put Wounds on me". :lol: Also, Ramos is so much less SS dependent than Colette, so that took me a bit to adjust to as well. I definitely liked having Alice in there though, as it helped make sure I had good cards to cheat in for my Minions attacks, since the Swarms and Steamborg don't have paired or Use SS like the Coryphees or Cassandra. Overall, I really liked the crew though, and am looking forward to trying them out some more. I need more individual Spiders though so I don't have to use blank bases to represent them if I summon more than the 3 I currently own. :tongue2:

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