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Corpse counters vs Body part counters


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corpse counters only really drop from killing a model (besides mortimer) body part counters can be gotten in a number of ways usaly threw hitting and dealing damg with attacks and spells. also anthor big diffrence is that only mc mourning and sebastion can use them to summon things.

as to your other question idk lol havnt used ethier so ill let a more knowledgeable person answer

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Corpse counters represent dead guys. Body Part counters represent pieces of dead guy. :D

Corpse counters drop when living models are killed if there's a Graverobber in play, and I believe are generated a few other ways. Body Part counters seem to only be generated by the use of certain abilities, as far as I can find.

In general I would say that Sebastian is not particularly good when used with Nikodem, though I could certainly be wrong, as I have no firsthand knowledge. Mostly, though, I'd say he's better used with Dr. McMourning.

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Well, I personally don't like Morty that much. I never used him for anything but Exhume.

He usually was very poor in combat the few times he got caught in it.

He almost acts like Ramos' Toolbox totem in that he really helps you become a factory instead of using your other powers.

The reason I prefer Sebastian over Morty is the fact that he performs better in combat than Morty and he is one soulstone less. Every time I play him he does make corpse counters, usually because he kills everything. He also has an ability to heal my units.

When he kills something, and he will. He has a (0) action to teleport them to Nico, which is always nice.

He has a pretty nice AoE effect which is really good if you are against gremlins or some other small creatures.

These are all just my opinions but Morty to me is just a 1 trick pony, and Sebs has a lot more to offer and he does it for a point less.

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Thanks for all the knowledge. Ive played Morty once against an aggressive Viks player so Exhume was the the primary Spell getting cast. Never had a chance to use fresh meat. I just left Morty in the back field with Niko So it didnt seem like he did alot but looking back, I got a ton of tokens with him.

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