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Went to my local comic shop today to paint up my Lady Justice contents and to advertise the game a bit more and try to win my Warmachine/Hordes converts over to also pick up Malifaux. Got my three Death Marshals and the Judge done.

Lots and lots of really pretty paint jobs floating on this forum but I'm very hesitant to put a ton of effort into these guys as I get upset when paint gets chipped from handling and play.









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I wonder if I can get away with Lady J having some really bright colours and not look silly and out of place.

I'm worried about painting flesh on the female characters now as heavy shading on their skin looks kinda nasty. I seem to recall my Escher gang models from junior high looking like bad drag queens...

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No Long Island won't benefit from this dgraz lol :P Yeah I'm slowly generating buzz for this game at the store that I frequent. The games manager is seeing the positive effect of carrying Warmachine/Hordes that I heavily advocated for that he's going to go with me on this one and carry Malifaux.

Awww no love for Lady in Red J?

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