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Malifaux Mine Board


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Well I've finally got the photos sorted out, and here are some pics of my latest board.

The baseboard is 20mm blue craftfoam stuck on to 3mm MDF board. All the rock faces and any elevations are again 20mm blue craftfoam built up to the required level. All rock faces were carved with a mixture of hot wire tools and a sharp modelling knife. The sides of the board have been faced with more 3mm MDF to provide rigidity and prevent damage during transportation (yes, it fits perfectly in the back of my car).

The cottage and mine structure are moveable, as are the barrels and crates and rail trucks. Both the cottage and warehouse have a removable roof to allow the game to continue inside. All of the trees are magnetised, so it is easy to move figures through the terrain area but they won't fall over when the table is knocked.


The sandy area through the middle of the board is just that, bird sand painted yellow ochre whilst the grass is a variety of modelling flocks. The warehouse is scratch built using 3mm foamboard and a shed load of coffee stirrers. The roof is again 3mm foamboad with very thin corrugated aluminium.



The hillside mine, cottage and rail trucks are all kits (plans and a handful of wood mainly) from those nice chaps at OzSteam. These guys have a range of interesting stuff obviously aimed at train modellers but some of which is ideal for steampunk themed scenery etc. Their stuff is 'On' gauge which translates to 1/43rd Narrow gauge. Ideal for Malifaux.




The board has now had several games played on it and I can safely say that it has been a success. Despite the fact that some of the scenery is 'fixed', there is still enough variation with the movable terrain features to ensure that no two games are ever the same. When I'd first completed the board and stood back and looked at it, the first thing that struck me was the sheer number of trees (35 in all). I thought that as they were mainly around the edge of the board the volume wouldn't matter, however we have found that this actually encourages players to use this cover for some outrageous flanking moves despite the fact that there is more than enough cover around the central area of the board.


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Many thanks for comments so far.

@Wodschow - The rocks, hills, warehouse and track are all fixed. The rest is all movable. It is my intention to build a ruined mine structure (probably just up to the first level) to replace the current one on occasions, and possibly a free standing 'well type' mine or water tower for the centre of the table. I've currently got more crates and barrels of varying heights to paint along with some loads for the rolling stock.

@yazza - the track is flexible OO gauge track from Hornby. It is mounted on 3mm foamboard to give it a little height over the surrounding scenery and has modelling talus (medium if I remember rightly) glued around it to give the heavy gravel/broken rock feel.

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wow gorgious board!

id love to play some games over that :D

howbout some pics of pple duking it out over it? ;)

It's a great board to play on, that's for sure - really makes for an atmospheric occasion. These pics are from our recent club Halloween tourney (Nicodem, Viktorias and Zoraida made it to the final (the sorrows are the 'living impaired' needed for the scenario)):




(Moros also painted the trophy for it, and I can grab a photo of that anytime ;))

Below is a pic of Moros' older board, which also deserves a mention (Oh the bloodshed that has occurred on it :)):


The big tree in the middle is removable so can be replaced with another large terrain feature.

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I knew someone had some in game photos lying around somewhere. First time that I've seen them, just shows how much of a 'bun-fight' was happening over the Cottage- probably turn four if I remember rightly. I had to clear out a few of those pesky Outcasts to make room for my boys:D.

@greenbull- No problem what-so-ever. I do have several more photos including close-ups of various parts of the board if you require.

@Jonas A- Love the phrase 'Functional Eye Candy' :). There are projects in the pipeline as well, albeit in the very early stages. I will post details at a later stage. My intention for the coming year is to paint another crew (possibly two, and depending on what appears at our local club) and do two more boards. By that time I'll have no more spare space and will probably look to off-load the original swamp board.

We've noticed that some good scenery and painted crews works wonders for getting the interest in the game. Although the majority of club members are in to historical games, seeing this board and the swamp board appear on a weekly basis is slowly encouraging people to have a look and pick up the game. Also helped recently by the fact we had a successful and entertaining Halloween Tournament and that Malifaux figures made up the winning entry of our annual painting competition. All-in-all, good stuff for the uptake of the game.

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This is just luverly. My wife saw it and although she dislikes my "hobby" she said "wow." And when I said I'd love to do something like this, she said "I can help!" Thumbs-up for getting her all gooey-eyed over my gaming pass-time.

Very well done all round.

:top: :nod: :clap: :D :rock:

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i love doing boards

i and the keeper were thinking about doing a buildoff, after working together on contract town 27 for 8 months after i finished my winter board

I've really started to enjoy the whole scenery thing. There's just something about this game that makes me want to build the stuff. Probably due to the fact that you only need around 10 minis to play (faction dependent of course!) so there is a little more time to devote to other aspects of the game.

I like the idea of a build-off though. Have to admit that I'd be no good here; I find it very difficult to build to a timetable/deadline - too busy wanting to try out new techniques and the like along with the fact that annoying things like work tend to get in the way.

@Wigwam- now that, as sports commentators would say, is a result! I'm chuffed with your wife's appraisal, obviously a woman with exceptional taste;), however, strike while the iron is hot and start a board today!

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