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hi from Wallasey, Wirral. UK


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Hello & Seasons Greetings from Wallasey on the Wirral,UK!

I`ve recently caught the Malifaux bug - anyone found a cure for this yet or is the best treatment to just keep buying the miniatures?

I love everything about this game, but I`m sure I don`t need to tell you that, as you`re all similarly afflicted, though I may have taken my affliction one step further than most by opening The Miniaturium.

Sorry if I have broken any rules by mentioning my shop here, but more than just gratuitous self promotion, I really want to meet new gamers in the area. Should anyone wish to come along and kick my DeathMarshals boney butts (not too difficult) You`re very welcome.

A very Wyrd Christmas to all & watch December don`t getcha (unless of course you want him to!)

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