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My future with Z questions


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Hi Zoraida gurus, finally my rising powers has arrived, i spent several hours and now i have the list for my dream crew (at least until the minis come out)



Marionette x 2

stitched together 1 or 2

voodoo doll

wicked doll x 4

A doll army from top to bottom, perfect tematic crew, the problem i have is with ss cost since in other posts i have read that voodoo doll and wicked doll does not cost since they are summoned, this way i can have a larger ss pool or some extra to hire more marionettes so the question is, how many ss does this crew cost? thanks in advance.

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Hi ratty, i have 2 ideas for zoraida, the doll army and i am thinking of another crew with her about feelings, throw some sorrows, insidious madness and i have to study what else can capture this crew idea, i am very fund to themed playstyle even if i do not win vs power players i enjoy this kind of configuration a lot. Cheers buddy.

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