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Dark Angels Marneus Calgar


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Usually, I'd shy away from posting up GW stuff here. Not that their stuff isn't fine, but there are so many great ranges of minis that people miss because they can't see past the Citadel behemoth.

But then I converted Marneus Calgar into a Dark Angel, and I'm a little proud of how he turned out.

I also put him up on Coolmini, if anyone cares to vote.





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Superb conversion. And hey, he's a Dark Angel, they spend lots of time brooding and being secretive. That really does leave little time for wargear maintenance.

Um... yeah, what he said.

Actually, I mostly go for whatever I think looks best on the mini. I think this works for him on a compositional level better than without the long term wear.

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Really nice !

- Whether you like GW or not, the Space Marines are still awesome looking characters.

- I think Dave Thomas may have sculpted this one originally, am sure he did Lysander (also a fine sculpt).

Off topic, I just picked up the Space Hulk Terminators.. talk about loaded with detail!

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Speaking of the devil, Gamesworkshop, I have heard that there making a new book where there combining the Grey Knights, the sisters of battle (i really like the grey knight models as well as the idea behind the sisters of battle) and a few other things togther in one book anyone know anything about it

(and sorry to derail the thread)

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I am skeptical of both of those rumors, mostly because they've been going around for years, and so far we haven't seen a thing on it. I mean, they were supposed to come out before Blood Angels and Dark Eldar, so who knows when they're actually slated.

Now, both branches of the inquisition will get some update sometime (unless they go the way of the Genestealers, Squats and Kroot) but I'm not sure that any of those rumors were accurate.

And who knows? Maybe eventually they'll do the Deathwatch/Ordo Xenos book that's been rumored for the past decade.

(and sorry to derail the thread)

Nah, that's ok.

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