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Which county is Seamus from?


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I'd hesitate to attribute him to any one location just so I don't get lynched by whomever didn't care to be associated with him. :)

Nathan, there is no way in hell you could offend any group of people more than the entire population of Co. Cork was offended by the "oirish" accents in the second season of Heroes. Egads!

So as I have no clear answer I'll hold that he's from Limerick, seeing as he likes cutting people. And necrophilia. They're famous for that (I'll leave you to guess which one).

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for my in-character battle reports i went for a mix of Scottish and Irish and Random Accents; following Heath Ledger as the Joker; forever changing, barely aware of it himself like a proper nutcase :D

An Irish father and a Scottish mother... perhaps. Maybe I should have painted him ginger. Though I'd attribute the dual personality trait more to McMourning.

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I thought that he was a giant leprechaun:lol:

Turelio already beat you to it: http://www.wyrd-games.net/forum/showthread.php?t=18610

(seen it in the flesh... the pics do it no :justice)

Anyway, personally I always picture Seamus as a more active, bubbly Hannibal Lecter. So mildly British, with the cultured Anthony Hopkins accent. Again, just me though :)



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