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Hello! ^_^


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Hello everyone!

I'm just getting into Malifaux, and I most say that out of all the mini table top games I play and Ive looked at, this one looks amazing!

I hope I can learn more about this game on here :D

side note:

my name is Shannon

I live in New York

I draw, paint, and make short comic books :)

I love making things

and when ever me and my boyfriend have the time, we always make the hour long trip to the closest card, table top store ^__^

well, like I said I really cant wait to learn more and make some new friends!


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Hi and welcome! Great to hear that Malifaux caught your attention, I hope you find a lot of enjoyment from it as well. And of course we're very happy to have you on the forums as well, thanks for introducing yourself!! :)

There are tons of great people around here, I think that you will have good luck getting pointers on everything from model selection, tactics, painting, even on the finer details of the background fluff!

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Madhouse? Are you implying we are all insane? My dear boy I will have you all know I am perfectly in control of my mental faculties, its the rest of you who are nuts!!

Anyway welcome, hope you have as much fun as I am having (and I haven't even started playing yet)!

* whats that nurse? tablet time? Ooh goody can I have the green one today, they taste sooo much nicer! *

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hi hayzel!

I would love a sweet ^__^

and my boyfriend is going with the neverborn and since he doesnt really want us to be the same(even tho I really want to be the neverborn too!)

Im looking at the other crews that I really like... Im torn between like, three of them >< lol

Lol, i know it was rather hard for me at first too, however, i fell in love.... with teddy. and lilith. and of course mini-me..(Candy) So i am faithful to my pets and loves. :D It is awesome that i have a fellow woman to have fun and giggles with. dont get me wrong i love my fellow male friends (very much) but it is nice to have female company! Please msg me should you want to have a chat about anything random. :)

(gives MeowMeow a big bag of sweets for the week)


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